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Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense
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Posted 3/22/17 , edited 3/23/17
Ruji is right. It's still spyware, and tons of people aren't going to turn it off. Microsoft is collecting huge amounts of data and causing great potential for harm. Unlike Google they're not even doing anything useful in exchange.
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Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/23/17
It gets better we use multiple systems here and one of the first things you notice is if you work from several different computers they talk back and forth sharing your settings between all of your systems. So anywhere you log in to your Microsoft account to get in to your windows 10 systems your WiFi codes load with your log in.
Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/23/17

Rujikin wrote:

If windows 10 wasn't already bad enough it gets worse. Networks you connect to are saved to the microsoft cloud, microsoft has your router login info. You can then be sent connection info automatically from windows so you connect to WIFI networks as soon as your in range.

I'm not letting any Windows/Virus 10 computers connect to my actual WIFI. Fuck windows

You should probably note that Microsoft discontinued Wi-Fi Sense nearly a year ago.

Supporting Evidence:
PC World
The Inquirer - (Win10 Mobile)
The Verge
Krebs on Security

Ultimately, even Microsoft figured out that it wouldn't be very cost-effective to keep the feature alive and after numerous complaints, they decided that they were going to kill it off. You should probably look for something newer than two years ago for source material when it comes to technology, especially since Windows 10 is nearly about to get its "Creators Update" (much like the Anniversary Update last year that patches this out and adds additional features).

Funny, though, when it comes to smartphones (iOS, Android, and Blackberry) - they all have a similar feature baked in that have similar features as "Wifi Sense". They perform routine backups of Wifi passwords to the cloud (BB Link, gApps, iCloud...) and will automatically connect to open wifi spots in many cases (especially if it shares the same SSID). Knowing this, many mischievous types like keeping a portable hotspot that have common SSID names. They keep on-failure/on-success logs so they can see what authentication failed (seeing the password you attempted to connect with = your own wifi password).
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Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/23/17
This basically confirms what ninjitsuko said.

It's no longer available.


The service that was used to share networks with Facebook friends, contacts, or Skype contacts is no longer available. However, if you’re still running Windows 10 (version 1511):

The Connect to networks shared by my contacts setting will still appear in Settings  > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi settings on your PC, and in Settings  > Network & wireless > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Sense on your phone. However, this setting will have no effect now. Regardless of what it’s set to, networks won’t be shared with your contacts. Your contacts won’t be connected to networks you’ve shared with them, and you won’t be connected to networks they’ve shared with you.
Even if you selected Automatically connect to networks shared by your contacts when you first set up your Windows 10 device, you still won’t be connected to networks your contacts have shared with you.
If you select the Share network with my contacts check box the first time you connect to a new network, the network won’t be shared.

If you’re running Windows 10 (version 1607), the sharing settings mentioned in the list above will not appear. To find out what version of Windows 10 you have installed on your PC, go to Settings  > System > About, and then look at the number next to Version. On your phone, select Settings  > System > About > More info to find the version number.
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