VRV - If you use your PC (browsers) to watch DO NOT SWITCH
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Posted 3/22/17
If you're like me and do everything on your PC, don't make a VRV account just yet. VRV FAQs say to cancel your CR premium so you're not charged twice. But what they don't tell you is, a VRV account is not compatible with websites (or in other words) you cannot watch anything on your browser. Not on vrv.co or crunchyroll.com and possibly the rest. VRV is exclusively for all of their respective "apps" not the sites. VRV does state that they're currently working on adding watchability to their site, but nothing about being able to use any of the original sites.

Many a forums have been made here about losing access to premium features here on crunchyroll.com and you can't watch anything on vrv.co yet. I hate using a 'middle man' and will always prefer to use the original sites - crunchyroll.com funimation.com hulu.com etc. *sidenote* I would love to have a funimation acct. to have everything anime that's not here, concentrated, but because most everything is streamed through hulu, I haven't made one... because i already have a hulu acct.

People are already reporting that the VRV app is less than pleasing and there is little to no communication from either service's support. I did make a few accounts on VRV to see things before paying and idiotically canceled premium on my primary email before I could, so I tried again with other emails and their site is glitched (or blocking) not allowing people to make another premium account and gives an error with no resolve; others have reported this too. I couldn't test things like logging into other sites or apps or even the VRV app itself, the only thing I could do was test crunchyroll.com and again, no premium access. I even cleared cookies and saved data :(

That being said, if you never use a browser to watch things then I think VRV would be a fantastic account to have (as long as you can still log into the respective apps rather than the VRV app only) I would primarily use CR and Funimation only, but I do like cartoon hangover and would check out the others.
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Posted 3/22/17 , edited 3/22/17

I've closed this since there's already a thread discussing VRV, and this would be a good addition to that. Unfortunately I can't move posts from one thread to another so you'll need to copy what you wrote here and paste it into a new post there.

As I understand it, though a few people have experienced glitches, when you link VRV to your crunchyroll account and pay for the crunchyroll channel (or the combo pack it's in) on VRV, that does mean you can use your crunchyroll account as a premium member on the crunchyroll site and crunchyroll apps.

It is true that that kind of linking isn't available for the other channels though.

Here's the link to the existing thread.

A lot of people have also discussed VRV features (or lack of features) and how it works over in several VRV related threads in the Site News forum. Just search for "VRV" there.:

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