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Posted 3/30/17 , edited 3/30/17
Its bad for a few reasons:
1) The biggest reason is translation and video quality of foriegn drama's on netflicks. If you'v watched any of the Chinese or Japanese TV series on netflicks you will notice that translators have taken more liberal choices with translation. For example Chi = Magic!? or Yokai = Kaiju.

A) There are reasons why we keep certain terms in the Romanticization when translating novels and add footnotes. While crunchyroll and Funimation either adapts those footnotes for the Big Screen or keep the terms, Netflicks is behind the translation curve. Now in 2017 more than including or adapting footnotes seems to make or break an anime/drama's success (Though to any crunch roll mods lurking I would take notes for your boss)

B) For Chinese drama's and some Korean drama's Netflicks cuts out certain scenes. Ice Fantasy is a notorious example.

2) Many Japanese Manga just don't translate well to dramas compared to their anime counterparts much like many chinese animes don't translate well to anime compare to their Chinese drama counterparts

3) Its an adaptation and not a retelling so haters going to hate

Now what I am looking forward to seeing if if Poison Genuis Consort will be streamed by Crunchyroll or end up on Netflicks.
Posted 3/30/17
I'll watch it just to check out how it's done.

But when I saw the trailer, it looked like trash.
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F / In my own fantasy
Posted 6/28/17
I'm going to watch it
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Posted 7/16/17
When does it come out?
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Posted 7/16/17
I'm just upset that I doubt it will try to add the intensity of certain moments that death note captured very well. It will probably be like the new berserk(The worst adaptation of all time by far) because I think it's going to focus on parts that the original death note didnt focus on too much. Original death note was a lot of thought process, showing how the characters adapt to each other and to what happens, and how they play off of each other. I doubt the movie will have any character development at all. It'll try to be "epic" which death note was, but it was mainly an understanding the characters show. I can't see an American made movie doing that.
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Posted 7/27/17
I'm keeping my expectations low
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Posted 8/25/17 , edited 8/25/17
It's out and, as expected, it's not very good.

There were a few things I enjoyed in the movie, but I'm going to complain about the shitty parts first. Namely, the main character. Light is a lame ass whiny teenager with no real motivation throughout the film. The first thing he does with the Death Note is shows it off to the hot girl at school to try and get laid. Luckily, his girlfriend is a psychopath apparently and is totally down with murdering a bunch of people (for no explained reason whatsoever). They're both pretty terrible actors to top it all off and the whole movie becomes a lame teenage romance story between two characters with no chemistry. In the end, they're both just really unlikable characters with no real redeeming qualities or charm whatsoever.

Another thing they got wrong was the whole point of the story of Death Note. Instead of being a cat and mouse detective story that asks questions about the nature of morality, we get another installment in the Final Destination series apparently. While in the anime and manga, Light only writes people's names so all of his victims die of heart attacks, in the American live action adaptation Light writes a bunch of gruesome death scenarios that are totally over the top and ridiculous. Honestly, a lot of this movie's budget was probably wasted on the special effects for all the people's bodies we see literally explode as they hit the ground from some gruesome fall or get their head taken off by a ladder. They were really gunning for that R rating and it showed.

I won't even mention the problems I have with the plot as I don't want to spoil the movie for people who still want to actually see it. So I'll just move on to the only real redeeming aspect of the movie: L. I thought they kind of nailed his character actually (okay it wasn't totally spot on, but the few differences were acceptable and he's still a very likable character throughout). The guy who plays him (Keith Stanfield from Atlanta) is easily the best actor in the movie, and that's counting Willem Dafoe who does a pretty decent job in his own right. Honestly, his performance was the one saving grace of this movie and the only reason I'm not complaining about the two hours of my life I lost watching this movie. I might even watch it again just for him. He was that good imo.

Overall the movie was pretty bleh, but honestly, that's more or less what I was expecting going in. They actually had a chance to save it right at the end, I thought, but they ended up going in the typical 'let's leave em wanting more' direction (probably hoping for a sequel). It felt like we were just 5 minutes away from a satisfying conclusion and they just didn't want to give us those 5 minutes. Too bad. A decent ending could have saved an otherwise bad film.
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Posted 8/26/17
for me 1 of the biggest problems was how they seemed to not understand 1 of the rule's, I understand that they spelt out that the death's have to be physically possible because they have a lot of movie to get through, but then they do thing's like prisoners write "kira is here" on the wall's even though they didn't know Japanese or watari phone's light's number even though there's no way he would have known it, these thing's are physically impossible then.

what's more there's a rule about burning a page and the person written there will live, that ignores rule number 1 "the person who's name is written in this note shall die". also this new rule only applies to 1 person, but it doesn't explain if that's 1 person ever or 1 person per owner of the death note.
Posted 8/26/17 , edited 8/26/17
THIS MOVIE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH. I don't know if that's just me being biased from the anime/manga but I was MASSIVELY disappointed. I even had low expectations for this movie but it went below even that.

1. They had an unnecessary romance in this movie. Light and his sociopath of a girlfriend made me do the biggest eye-roll of 2017, I wanted to scratch my eyes out with the female lead she was so irritating.
2. The casting was off and neither had any likeability to them. I thought L's acting was pretty cool as he managed to do a lot of L's original quirks but that was until he was crazy and emotional at the end which was pretty off for him. The voice of Ryuk I thought was kinda spot on
3. The ending was just plain stupid, Light managed to evade a lot of the Death Notes rules which ticked me off.
4. It felt too rushed. In the movie L found out STRAIGHT away that Light was Kira and there was no suspense leading up to it or extra investigations/theory testing/OMG HOW SMART moments; which were my favourite parts in the anime/manga. There was hardly any back and forth retaliation from either party and there was just a lot of rushing to get to the end. It was just, aasdfghjklaslchweo.
5. Forgot to add how the death scenes were way too intense and a little over the top, it kind of distracts you away from the movie, what happened to a simple heart attack??

Overall, I appreciate it was an adaptation and not a complete copy of the anime/manga, but. NO. Just NO.

Dear Netflix,
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Posted 8/26/17
Chill guys, you should've seen it with Etika. He made it 5848% nicer
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Posted 8/26/17
it wasn't all that bad actually. could have been a bit better, but it could have been a lot worse. the worse live action from Japan to America regarding Japanimation is Dragon Ball Evolution, I always compare all adaptations on this film and it's nowhere near that level.

I'm thankful they didn't destroy Ryuk too much, from what I could tell they did a pretty decent job, not to mention a different way they ran with L and they did well, not to mention the direction they ran with Watari. as usual typical America they focused too much on romance and teenage drama, they should have made Light a bit more of a man than that pathetic form, the Japan ran with Light being strong and such, but otherwise they did the best they could. you'll find a lot of gore and language, including violence, real life issues, (dare I say it) slice of life, and creative ways to murder someone.
Posted 8/27/17 , edited 8/27/17
I'll be a little nicer and say that if I was someone who didn't watch or read any of the manga, or even heard of it and just watched it as a stand-alone movie, it wouldn't have been as bad as I believe it was now. I guess a lot of Death Note fans are just a little upset at how it was executed bc to be honest, many of us were just expecting a sort of 'replica' (not exactly like the anime/manga, but you know, pretty similar) and for it to stay true to the original if ygm. (I believe anime fans are quite - if not, strongly, critical of stuff like this when anything gets adapted into something new - I'm a lil guilty of this haha).

Before watching I did try to keep an open mind and be non-biased as much as possible but I just couldn't do it, there was just a lot of missing/changing aspects that I couldn't bear to watch >.<
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Posted 8/27/17
It wasn't that terrible, for a Westernized adaption of the series.
As usual, the vast majority of Death Note fans are going to find a lot to criticize the film about without taking in consideration that it's a reimagining of the series altogether and using the manga/anime as a loose reference.
This is a Western film. End of.
The focus was around Light and Mia's relationship, whereas such focus is common in Western films.
Below, I will use the Spoiler tag to continue my thoughts to avoid spoiling it for anyone who hasn't yet seen it.

Fans expected too much for a Western adaption of an anime series.
The storyline was based off of the source material and it never intended on actually being directly from the source.
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Posted 8/28/17
Dragonball Evolutions spiritual successor.
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Posted 8/29/17
I thought it was ok, definitely better than most anime/manga live actions.
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