Which are the obstacles for Crunchyroll to broadcast 3 Funimation titles to Latin America?
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Posted 3/23/17
Hello, guys. In this, my very first topic, I'm going to debate something. Since Funimation and Crunchyroll are in a partnership, I hoped that some series will be accesible to Latin American countries but, in the Winter season, those hopes are deader than dead. For example: Akiba's Trip was bypassed, Koro-sensei Q too. But that's not the case.

Today the debate is centered in 3 series that Funimation has "master license" rights or had paid the most. Those series are: Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and Dimension W. Why aren't those series available for Latin American countries, and those are my arguments:

1. Attack on Titan
This anime is one of the most popular franchises in the world, like Naruto and SAO. Its made by WIT Studio, subsidiary of Production I.G., one of the most famous animation companies in Japan. I know that Latin America didn't get the first season since Funimation has exclusive rights in that time. But, FYI, Funimation actually got the live-action movies. Movies that us Latinos haven't see in our region.

Furthermore, I replied that CR should bring AoT to Latin American audiences, but I think that wouldn't be possible. So, what are the obstacles for it?

2. My Hero Academia
This anime is a different story. According to some forums and other anime-related people, it was the anime that Funimation paid the most, and they only received the "English-speaking territories only" rights.

NOTE: Confirmed. My Hero Academia won't be for Latin America. http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-985789/my-hero-academia-boruto-naruto-next-generations-is-coming-to-crunchyroll-this-spring

Crunchyroll, the company that try to license anime for as many territories as possible and they can't bring one of the franchises with respectable fanbase to Latin American countries? No way! Is the same as the bitrate-fiasco weeks ago. But, let's continue...

3. Dimension W
This is the same as Attack on Titan. Funimation is in the production comitee and has global rights for it. Selecta Vision made an agreement with Funimation to license for Spain and Portugal, but Crunchyroll, that has a partnership with Funimation, can get it.

One of two things: Funimation only receives rights for English territories, or Funimation hates Latin America.

After said this, please tell us: which are the obstacles for Crunchyroll, the company that tries to license anime in as many territories as possible, can't get those titles for Latin American users? Its Funimation's thing? Japan's thing?

Well, that's all. Discuss, please!

P.D.: Automated replies like "license restrictions" and stuff are out of this topic. Please, real FACTS only.

P.D.2.: Sorry for my problematic English. I'm not a native English speaker.
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Posted 3/23/17
Closed since OP created two of them in different forums, General Discussion and Suggestions / Feedback..

I've left the one in Suggestions / Feedback, since it is feedback, and while the request to "Discuss, please" is made, it seems to be more a request for information/facts that for the most part only Crunchyroll staff or an insider could provide, thus not "General Discussion."
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