SakuraCon 2017?
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Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/24/17
This will be my first convention EVER and I am crazy excited for it! But... I am also extremely nervous as I don't know how conventions work or where to go for badges and whatnot.

So, just thought i would post on here to see if anyone else was going and had some great tips for a first timer like me!

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Posted 3/23/17 , edited 3/24/17
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Posted 3/27/17 , edited 3/28/17
The Sakura con has recently added the 2017 schedule of events so I highly recommend checking that out so you can plan out your day based on your interests. You mentioned picking up your badge from registration, I believe these can be picked up at the conference center on level 3,entrance is across the street from the Convention Center main entrance, the hours are also posted on the website. I also recommend going over the floor layout for the Washington State Convention Center, especially after you get a chance to look over the schedule of events. If you have any free time between events there is a lot to do in downtown Seattle, the Convention Center is not far from the Seattle Aquarium, Pikes Market and the nearby first Starbucks Coffee shop, if you need the pick me up. The light rail system within Seattle is really nice, I think the day pass runs around $3. As timtsr39 said "just have fun" as I am sure there will be a lot of other attendees who are new to this event as well. Enjoy Sakura Con
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Posted 4/11/17 , edited 4/12/17
First off, congratulations on your first con. It's an exciting time and a fun place to meet people who are like-minded individuals.
I attend Sakura Con every year so it's more of a recurring 3 days of fun for me.

One thing I would recommend would be get the guidebook app for your phone if you're able to. You can check out the schedule of events, and add the ones that interest you to your schedule and let the app remind you when the events are coming up.

It can be a little nerve wracking but try to talk with other con goers, it does make the experience all that much better.

In terms of budget, if you can, try to eat out away from the convention hall as that food tends to be pretty expensive for the portions you get. Also if you're in to merchandise and swag, try to hold out til Sunday to make your purchases since there tend to be deals then. But if you think the item won't make it til then (does happen) feel free to purchase it early.

Last thing from, it's minor but the building that you get your badge/registration at is connected to the convention center through escalator. So once you pick up your badge, you don't have to leave the building to get to the convention hall, just head upstairs.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message or look up the newsletter that Sakura Con made. It has a lot of basic guidelines and first time tips.

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Posted 4/11/17 , edited 4/12/17
Despite the fact I'll be working in the dealer's hall and want you to spend money at the booth I'll be at, make sure you make a budget if you're looking to spend too. Lots of things add up fast if you're not paying attention.

And don't forget to hit the Crunchyroll booth. They have swag for members (This has not been a paid advertisement for CR. But it should havef been).
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Posted 4/12/17 , edited 4/12/17
I've gone to Sakuracon several years and my wife has as well. Happy to answer any specific questions you have! Here's some relevant and useful information.

1 ) If you have a smartphone download the Guidebook app and search "Sakuracon" and you should find Sakuracon 2017 and you can add all the events you want to attend and have it set reminders. It also tells you info about each panel and has a lot of other useful information. This is WAY more convenient than hauling around a paper schedule or looking at the giant schedule they have at the event.

2) You usually get your badges on the street opposite the convention center (which is pretty weird). So basically if you're walking from Pike's Place Market or w/e it's called the convention center will be on your right but you pick up badges on the left-hand side of the street at the conference center or something. Basically when you're by the convention center watch where badge-less cosplayers are going. Or just ask a cosplayer where you need to go to pick up a badge. It's usually pretty obvious. Otherwise if you walk into the con and ask one of the workers they'll tell you exactly where to go.

3) Definitely try to make time to attend Cosplay Chess (preferably the late night 18+ version). I hear that anything w/ Zapp Brannigan is amusing but I haven't gone to his stuff in the past. Todd Habercorn is supposed to be hilarious. Other than that I'd just check the info on the guidebook on whatever interests you. Don't feel bad leaving a panel if it's boring, you've got better things to do if you're not particularly happy with a panel.

4) Some panels have lines... So if you want a good seat in cosplay chess you'll need to show up about 30-60 mins ahead of time. Some people don't go to these panels just because of the wait. Others think the wait is worth it. If you do end up getting in a line for something bring some material to entertain you (DS, smartphone, manga, etc).

5) Get to know some people if you're not already meeting up with friends. Cons are a great experience, and better if you have people to laugh and explore with. There are lots of opportunities to meet con-goers and make friends. Everyone there is part of our odd-yet-amazing culture and many of them have similar interests. It's rare to get so many of us in one location so don't let friend-making opportunities pass you by!

6) When you find that you have down time (and you will), use that time wisely. I personally find I have about 30-60 mins while I'm waiting on a panel mid-friday and so I go get my 18+ stamp that you WILL need to attend 18+ events. They wouldn't even let Voice Actor Chuck Huber attend his OWN panel that he was HOSTING w/o his 18+ stamp. Chuck's a bad-ass and did it stampless regardless, but the workers threw a giant fuss about it. As an attendee make sure you get your stamp before you're denied entry to an 18+ event (which can be really frustrating since those usually have lines and you don't want to wait in a line only to be denied entry).

7) Have a plan for food. Unless you feel like eating subway I'd check out what places are nearby. Across the street is the Cheesecake factory, but it's usually packed since it's the obvious go-to sitdown place for congoers. Google up local restaurants that got good ratings or ask people who you meet at the con what's good to eat nearby. If you're on a budget bring food w/ you or get groceries for your hotel. Check to see if your room has a fridge before getting perishables.

That's all that is immediately coming to mind. I'm sure I could go on and on. But really, you'll just have to experience it yourself. I absolutely loooove going to coventions. Just sitting down watching all the cosplayers and knowing I'm surrounded by tons of people who share my same interests is great. Hope you enjoy it as much as my wife and I do.
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Posted 4/17/17 , edited 4/18/17
wiltseja's post is on the money! Especially #5. Well can be. The big thing about conventions in general is the company you keep and meet.

I hope you enjoyed it! Been going to SakuraCon for over 14 years now and I won't be stopping.
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Posted 5/5/18 , edited 5/5/18
SakuraCon 2017 & SakuraCon 2018 are over look forward to the next one!
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