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Posted 2/15/08
it hurts so bad
that you aren't here
i can't keep my heart from breaking
it's not your fault
that i'm hurt so bad
it's mine

because i was foolish enough to think i could trust you
it's not the fact that i won't see u again
it's fact that you i made it that way

i wish i could take back all the words i said to you
and i wish you would listen

to all the words i wish i could have said
like they say
it's better to have loved and lost
then to have not loved at all..

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Posted 2/15/08
Yeah...U're stronger go and tell that to him!!!...hahaha I love it!!!...u're great!!!..Congratulations
Posted 2/16/08
Awesome poem! I really love it the ending is really true even though sometimes we may not feel that way =3
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Posted 2/27/08
I feel that I also have gone through a feelin like this
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