Hatena Illusion Anticipation
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Plot Summary

The series centers on Makoto Shiranui, a boy who travels to Tokyo seeking to become the apprentice of Mamoru Hoshisato, a world-famous magician and friend of his parents. Ever since he had watched a show by Mamoru and his wife Maive, he had dreamed of being a magician. Their daughter Kana (nicknamed Hatena) has been Makoto's friend since childhood. Even though Tokyo has had a rash of burglaries by a beautiful woman thief, Makoto can rest easy as long as Hatena is there. When he arrives at the Hoshisato residence, a haunted mansion, the family butler Jeeves and the maid Emma greet him, and he is reunited with Hatena, only to find out that they don't really get along now.

Light novel 'Hatena☆Illusion' (by Yabuki Kentaro) is apparently getting an anime adaptation. Currently has 4 volumes.

Haven't read the LN before but it's by the same author as Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai

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