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Posted 3/24/17
Ya know, I'd kinda like to be able to look back on the "Anime Convert" achievements and actually know what series I completed for each instance. I've got a pretty terrible memory, and need to get around to linking my MAL at some point for that reason (about once a year I try to remember everything I've watched and update it).
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Posted 3/25/17
I kinda wish their was a MAL and Crunchyroll integration sort of thing, where when you watch a series on CR it automatically updates what you plan to watch (what you got added to the queue), what you have completed, and progress in a series (i.e watched 7/12 of a series), where you could just link your MAL to your CR. MAL already has CR embedded videos, but it would be nice for an Auto-update to MAL. Of course not all anime is available to CR saying some publisher's might not want to saying they sell it either on another platform or media altogether (like DVDs), but it would be nice for the integration between the two. WHo knows maybe they are already discussing this sort of integration behind the scenes / already discussed it and already decided not to or to do so in the future after some behind the scenes work.
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