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Posted 3/25/17
I recently built a retro game emulator with a Rasperry Pi 3, and have been Playing Warsong for Sega Genesis. I forgot how much I loved this game.

I think its storyline would make a great Anime. I would watch it again and again. I read online that the original Japanese version was called Langrisser, and that there were sequels to it. It is a shame the sequels never made it to the US.

Does anyone else remember that game?
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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
Warsong? I don't really remember the story anymore, but I remember liking the series for the turn-based combat and class upgrade system. It was very cool for the time.

Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei for the Nintendo 3DS came out in North America last April, unfortunately I never played it, as I don't own a 3DS.

If you look around on the internet carefully, you can find English fan translations for Langrisser II, Der Langrisser, and Langrisser IV. The fan translation of Langrisser III never got past translating most of the menus, I think and I'm not aware of any fan translation for Langrisser V.

As I recall, I've only played the first two games in the series.
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