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Posted 3/25/17 , edited 3/26/17
You know, I kept seeing the ads you guys pay youtubers for and all that so I said to myself "why not" and started this trial up. So far I have not been impressed, your advertised manga reading service is completely unavailable to me, and your anime service has been a constant fight to get access to the content I wish to view to the point where I'm giving up on watching anything for the day.

I tried to watch some anime with my nieces on the ps3 in the living room only to be constantly be greeted with connection issues, problems with initially loading videos, and even crashing my ps3 to the point where I had to get up and manually restart it 3 times. These problems were particularly noticeable when trying to browse all anime. Judging from where the crashes happened I'd say you guys need to work on how you load title lists on the ps3. And before you suggest it might be my internet, I have never had a problem streaming youtube, netflix, hulu, or amazon video through my ps3.

No comment on pc performance as of right now aside from the inaccessibility of the manga section, I have yet to stream CR to pc. Though funny enough I can access your manga store just fine. If manga isn't included in the subscription then you need to update your sub page.

If this keeps up, I'm cancelling before my trial ends.

Also while I was writing this I found out I needed to verify my email before posting despite you having my payment info. I had to fight to get your site to send me that email with pages not loading only to find out it had queued up several emails without any indication by the page that the button was actually doing something.
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Posted 3/28/17 , edited 3/28/17
CR has new patches in place

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