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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
I've noticed that with the Flash video player, the MPEG Transport Streams of videos are re-requested once the video finishes. This seems to happen with all videos (checked with Kemono Friends 11, Ai-Mai-Mi 12, RWBY episode and Flying Witch episode 1).

The image below shows some part of the network activity of Ai-Mai-Mi episode 12. As you can see, seg-1-v1 and the following ones are re-requested after ~3:30 minutes (when the episode is finished). As Ai-Mai-Mi is rather short, and the video consists only of 22 segments, they are all cached for me, so this is rather unproblematic. However, with full-length titles like Kemono friends (145 segments of size ~4MB to ~10MB), the initial segments are normally evicted at the point where the video ends.

While it doesn't really affect me, some people are probably on limited data plans, and those seemingly superfluous requests will cut into their volume. The requests will of course stop when one leaves the page, but if people keep the tab open to read/write comments, it would probably beneficial for them to not re-request the segments.
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