What Steam Game would you Recommand?
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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
There two great role playing game I've found.. Einlanzer, Here information on the site

And another great rpg call Selatria Advent of the Dakk'rian Empire. I'm currently playing this one, this got voice!! But the face graphic does look kinda of funny but so far I like the storyline and the turned base battle system. (Old School rpg).


Those two are rare gem among rpg, its seem like professional company made them..

Nowdays there no Old school rpg on console (playstation 4, Xbox one).. Have you find any worthy old school rpg that you like to share with us? ;p

What games would you recommand? :]

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Posted 3/31/17 , edited 3/31/17
If you enjoy Einlanzer, look up Celestian Tales: Old North. Highly recommended.

If you enjoy Selatria, look at the Steam Store page for it and click on the name of the publisher: Aldorlea Games. They do nothing but old school RPG Maker-type stuff, and most of it is pretty good. At the very least, it is cheap.
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Posted 3/31/17 , edited 4/10/17
Neither, spend the money on Psychonauts instead. Great game
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Posted 3/31/17 , edited 4/1/17
If you're a fan of Baldur's Gate from the 90's, Divinity: Original Sin is pretty similar with a more humorous twist.
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Posted 4/28/17 , edited 4/29/17
Get Divinity:Original Sin Enhanced edition(everyone is voiceacted!) if u like turn-based RPG games with great story.

Tales of Berseria is also a game i can Recommend very well, its exstremely long and has a great story and characters(english version is awesome!) do get a controller for it though for the best experience.

If u like more action-oriented games i can recommend God Eater 2 Rage Burst, a great monster hunter game with an awesome story thats also comes with God Eater Ressurection , a re-make of the first game thats even better at some points then GE2.
Both games also have Multiplayer but u need some friends to play it with(it regionlocked but i can bypass it with Steam). thankfully the game has an active community so should't be to hard if u need help for the harder fights(and u will need it trust me.)

Hope this helps!
Posted 4/29/17 , edited 4/29/17
hallo ma frand! Eye wuld "Recommand" arma 3 et is a very grat game!
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Posted 4/29/17 , edited 4/29/17
The Talos Principle. Amazing puzzle game that will also make you think about life.
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