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Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/15/08
it's funny how hello is always
accompanied with goodbye,
it's funny how good memories
can start to make you cry.
it's funny how forever
never seems to really last,
it's funny how much you'd lose
if you forgot about your past.
it's funny how "friends" can just
leave you when you're down,
it's funny how when you need someone
they're never around.
it's funny how people hange
and think they're so much better.
it's funny how many lies
can be packed in one "love letter".
it's funny how people forgive
even enough they can't forget,
it's funny how one night
can contain so much regret.
it's funny how ironic life turns out to be,
but the funniest part of all,
is that none of that's funny to me..
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Posted 2/15/08
hahaha...that's cool!!!...very good!!!...and yeah all of this it's funny!!!!

Posted 2/16/08
I especially love this poem i think it's one of ur best X3
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Posted 2/27/08
funnyyyyy but I cant laugh..... but sobbing instead
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Posted 2/29/08
I love this's soo sad, but it tells a lot of truth....*sniff*
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