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Post Reply Anyone else close to cancelling over outages?
Der Zoodirektor
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Posted 4/26/17 , edited 4/30/17

1youlove2hate wrote:

gave it a quick read didn't see anything but are they also working to fix the roku app?

That'd be a different team working on that. In the meantime the VRV Roku app is the best option to watch.
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Posted 4/30/17 , edited 4/30/17
Just cancelled my auto renew because of this shit. Wish I wasn't on a yearly sub since it is almost unusable lately. Laggy then get error after error on Xbone. Switch to any other streaming service and have zero issues.
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Posted 5/1/17
Damn, I've loved this site for years, but all my episodes are pretty much unwatchable, dammit, why can't you fix it? Since I paid for this until December, I have no choice but to hope you fix the problems, or sadly, I have to go too. Please fix it, I really do love what you've brought me in the past, please bring it again!
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