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Posted 3/26/17 , edited 3/26/17
For some reason CR streaming just started acting up. I get error messages now. I can't even watch videos anymore. I can go to different parts of CR, for example my queue or the forums, but after I click a video, either the page loads up, but the video doesn't or the page just says error. Is this happening to anyone? Is there a fix to this? Is this just what is happening to the server or something? I need answers...
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Posted 3/26/17
its happening to anyone, from what i gathered the serves are shit and can't handle weekends
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52 / Ottawa
Posted 3/27/17
The weekends have been routinely problematic for the last several weeks. I watch every night, from about 11pm Eastern Standard Time (DLS) for an hour or so.

Saturday and Sunday nights are just awful. Often I have to simply give up.

Considering that I joined Crunchyroll specifically because I WANTED to pay for good quality animes legitimately, this is disturbing.

Can we get some kind of idea as to the plan that Crunchyroll has to correct this issue? Is there any information that you need me to provide?
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32 / M / Cape Town, RSA
Posted 4/12/17
I am having similar issues. It seems to be ever since the implementation of Cloudflare.
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Posted 4/12/17
What happens to me:

1. CR is very slow to load. This problem is about two months old.
2. Will play one or two episodes and then the screen goes black. I have to leave Crunchyroll and then reload it.

At the moment, I am watching the first season of "Attack on Titan" on another channel.

Is it Roku or Crunchyroll?
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