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Catchiest OP and ED of Winter 2017 season
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Posted 3/27/17 , edited 3/28/17
Not sure how you guys judge these. I mean everyones tastes is diffrent. Im seeing Kobayashi from most of you but no way was it on my list.
I personally am judging these by what stick in my head. What I some times hum/whistle/or mumble at work. Without translations I have no idea the message they are trying to say so its all just beat.

-Top- Akibas Trip (Fast, fun, catchy, wont leave my brain!)
-Konosuba (Would not work without the visuels, but with them, amazing)
-Saga of Tanya the evil (Great beat)

Saga of Tanya the evil (Again, great beat and I like hearing Tanya)

Akibas Trip ending was diffrent every episode, not a fan of that. Every other ending of every show I watched was soooo boring. So slow. Ended up skipping most of them after the first time.
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Posted 3/28/17 , edited 3/28/17
My main criteria when I pick the songs is based on what I have stuck in my head the most during the season. Some seasons it is really hard to figure out as many swap between being stuck and some blend together into some sort of mash up. This season was easy as there were clearly songs that were in my head more than others.
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