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Posted 3/29/17 , edited 3/29/17
Crunchy roll can you please fix your current service.. The latest patch for crunchy roll on the PS4 has turned Crunchy roll into a Nightmare Service.

What was once a streamlined smooth service is now a Chug Chug Pause Pause service that for one who is paying for the Premium service is really irritating. It isnt just me with this issue, many of my friends who also use Crunchy roll are talking about dropping their premium subs with Crunchy and picking up Anime Lab instead, just because of this new development to crunchy roll.

As it stands i get to see about 50-75% of an episode due to having to skip forward to get rid of the Pause, go Pause, go, Pause, go stuttering. I have good internet and never experienced this until the latest patch for Crunchy Roll went live on the PS4.

Please look into the problem if you are not already. As i can tell you this will make you loose a lot of subs if it continues.
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