Post Reply Can't watch any Yugioh episode, keep getting an error.
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Posted 3/30/17 , edited 3/31/17
"Unable to access online features. Please check your network connection settings and try again."

This is the error I keep getting, this happens any episodes. But I can watch other anime just fine, just Yugioh.

Can anyone help? Thanks

EDITED: Just to clarify, it's the first Yugioh series. Duel Monsters Island, Shadow Realm and Kaiba screwing rules because he got money.
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Posted 4/7/17 , edited 4/7/17
Same issue here( sony bravia tv, really fast network, uk) . All series but that one works just fine.
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Posted 4/7/17 , edited 4/7/17
instead of using CR, you could watch it straight from the official site instead:
yugioh season 1
assuming, of course, the episodes are not region-locked in your region.
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Posted 4/9/17 , edited 4/9/17
im watching the gx series right now and nothing is loading. tx, fast internet 150/mb down, and the videos just dont load. (I did try the basic troubleshooting like restarts and whatnot)
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Posted 2/14/18 , edited 2/14/18
This is a problem that has been there for a very long time now.
Its only for the English dub series for some reason though. The Japanese dub are fine.
While i love and do prefer watching anime in Japanese with English subs, i grew up watching Yugioh in English and i'm used to it lol
I've reported it so many times throughout the years but CR are useless with reports.
The issue still hasn't been fixed.
The only way i've gone around the problem is by playing it via a laptop/macbook on the desktop site and plugging in an HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV so i can view it on my TV.
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