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Posted 7/2/17 , edited 7/2/17

lolicon-icon wrote:

03burstspear wrote:

I want that picture. So cool.

As far as I can tell from reverse searches and stuff, the artist's name is Murakami Hisashi, but I'm not sure if that's accurate.
I found a lot of good symphogear art tagged under that name.

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Posted 7/2/17 , edited 7/2/17

ryuknightalex wrote:

auroraloose wrote:

Yeah - there aren't many options left, are there.

She's going to have to punch THE SUN.

Season 4 (AXZ): Hibiki punches the sun

Season 5: Hibiki punches the galaxy

Season 6 (let's face it, this series is too damn good and bestselling to end anytime soon): HIbiki punches the entire universe

Season 7: The custodian(s) finally appear and are all like "yo, Hibiki. Stop punching shit"....and then get punched by Hibiki.

Ah thanks - I wanted to keep going with this, as I realized punching the sun wasn't nearly absurd enough.
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