PSA: Info about VRV that you need to know.
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Posted 4/1/17
So, if any of you are like me, the idea of VRV as a replacement for Crunchyroll and Funimationnow seemed great. $9.99 for 8 video services including those two? What a deal! But the reality is far worse. I did a ton of searching but couldn't find a lot of info about the service before hopping over. Still, it seemed fine enough as I figured Funimationnow and Crunchyroll alone would be worth $9.99. Problem is this, VRV neglects to tell you many key issues with its service.

First of all, while the premium VRV account let's you still use the Crunchyroll app as well as watch Crunchyroll stuff on VRV, the same is not true for any of the other channels (chief among them, Funimationnow). If you pay your $9.99 a month for your combo pack, you can only access Funimationnow content on VRV. This wouldn't be a problem, except what they don't tell you is that it only has a selection of Funimation now content. Half of the shows I looked for that are 100% on Funimationnow are NOT on VRV. And more to the point, ONLY the dubbed content from Funimationnow is on VRV. Zero Funimation subs.

Also, even though Crunchyroll owns VRV, not all of their shows are on their either. This isn't a huge problem, but then it begs the question of why you would get VRV at all. VRV does not have a playback history, it doesn't have a new arrivals page, it doesn't have any way to carry over your Crunchyroll wishlist or remember/know what you have or haven't already viewed and it doesn't have any sort of genre sorting so you'll spend a lot of time typing what you want to find in the search bar. VRV also has the Netflix styled back 30 seconds button while watching instead or forward 10 and back 10 like Crunchyroll. And this is just a problem with mobile, but VRV will auto tilt to vertical mode if you tilt your device even slightly below perfectly horizontal (no way to lock it in full screen). I realized with it being worse in every way than the Crunchyroll app that there was no reason to use it to watch Crunchyroll.

So then what is the extra $3 for? Watching some smallish selection of specific Funimationnow shows in a poorly constructed app? Too bad none of the shows I actually wanted to watch on Funimationnow are on VRV and the rest are dub only. And then the rest of the channels have so little content and I could be wrong on this, but everything else I saw (like Rooster Teeth stuff, RWBY, Geek and Sundry content) is all free anyway. It's legally free on YouTube and even some of it is on Crunchyroll itself.

I kept my subscription for a few days and cancelled because I felt scammed, honestly. All the emails I received about the service tricked me into believing that I would be getting the entirety of these services for a lower, combined cost. I rechecked the wording and it indicates you get it "all" for one price, which is misleading at best. Even with the subpar app, I'd have probably stuck with it just for the convenience and savings. If in the future they let you link more accounts and use the other apps associated with them or get all of Funimationnow in VRV, I'd reconsider. For now, it feels like a poor attempt at a union at best and an outright scam at worst.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Crunchyroll premium member and I get a lot of use out of it. But I really am disappointed in how shady VRV seems and how little information they give you before paying.
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Posted 4/1/17 , edited 4/1/17

SadLaser wrote:

So, if any of you are like me, the idea of VRV as a replacement for Crunchyroll and Funimationnow seemed great. $9.99 for 8 video services including those two?

I accidentally closed this not realizing you'd already edited the other one. However, we do already have a topic similar to this -- one for talking about VRV and user experiences with it, so that would be a better place to make this post, and I've therefore closed this thread as well. Here's the link to the existing thread:

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