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F / 知る執拗がない
Posted 4/3/17
I'm sorry for being so inactive ppl with the screenshot posting etc... like I'm watching the anime it's just I get a bit to absorbed and don't take pictures...

SO to repay for that and as a sorry gesture, I thought we'd do a game
(I saw this on other forums so creds to them for the idea ;) )

Put a comment like this and keep it going like a chain message!

1.) The super power the person above you has
2.) The colour hair you have
3.) The weakness the person below you has

be as weird as possible cos that's what makes it fun!

Okay I'll start but cos I'm first, the no.1 is for the last person

1.) Hana Hana no Mi (Nico Robin, One Piece)
2.) Reddish brown like Jouichiro Soma from Shokugeki no Soma
3.) Fingernails

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