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Posted 5/3/17 , edited 5/3/17
OK, I call bullshit on Moguro going after the woman from the second half of this week's episode. Everyone else he goes after is irritated, perplexed, broken down, spineless, or otherwise having difficulty coping with life's stresses and aggravations.

This poor woman just has a cluttered house.

He destroyed her life when she had a VERY IDEAL LIFE, not like most of the sad sacks he's gone after up to this point. I mean...

I dunno. This one just left a bad taste in my mouth.

aohige_cr wrote:

I'm actually rather insulted at your... biased and possibly bigoted opinion.

No, you're over thinking it, and I suspect an agenda here to justify your biased view and using this opportunity to diss on the Japanese culture.
Moguro is nearly literally THE DEVIL. He is an embodiment of horror, and the point is that there are traps at every corner of life.

If you knew ANYTHING about Fujiko Fujio (both A and F) you wouldn't be saying this, but alas.
Out of their hundreds of works, there's never such toxic message as the one you mocked up here. Jesus Christ.
I doubt I can convince you otherwise, so I'll just dismiss your opinion. Not worth it.

Dude, Japanese work culture is toxic. Japanese school culture is toxic. Why do you think NEET and hikki are such a huge social problem? Young people see how burned-out their parents are and don't want to end up like that. If you want to be insulted by someone having an opinion, that's your business, but own up to the fact that Japan has some serious social issues and a LOT of recent works coming out of Japan are painting huge targets on them whether they mean to or not.
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Posted 6/20/17 , edited 6/21/17
The last episode turns out to be the most relatable, especially the first segment. Too bad there really isn't such a quick fix for trolls.
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