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Summary: Kou Kuro is so desperate to have Shuurei a husband that he decides to hold a contest for those who would be a likely candidate for Shuurei’s husband. Now as the contest begins who will Shuurei choose?

Author’s notes: Here is my story for the writing contest. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this one! Oh yeah I really love Saiunkoku Monogatari and it’s one of my favorite anime! Really love it! Hope Ryuuki and Shuurei would end up together! No offense to those who like Seiran x Shuurei fans! But LOL! I really love those hot bishies in there!!!

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It was a beautiful spring morning and Kou Shuurei and Shi Seiran were walking in the market buying ingredients for the meal that they will have today. Shuurei would cook her special meal and it’s been a long time already since she last cook for Seiran and her father since she was always busy and all.

“Mmm...I wonder what I will make today...maybe I could make meat buns for dessert that’d be great!” Shuurei said as she was buying a fish. “That’d be great ojou-sama. Your meat buns surely are the best.” Seiran said.

“Thanks. Come now Seiran let’s go home and also please help me prepare the meal.” Shuurei said happily. As they reach their home they were shock to see Kou Reishin, Ri Kouyo, Ran Ryuuren, Ran Shuuei and Shi Ryuuki in their house together with Kou Kuro.

“AAH!!! What are you all doing in here?” Shuurei cried seeing them. “Shuurei!!!” Ryuuki cried as he went to hug her but as he hugs her a fan flew out of nowhere. “Who told you to hug Shuurei?! We aren’t supposed to hug her until the contest is finish!” Reishin said.

“Contest?! What contest?” Shuurei asked confused. Obviously she wouldn’t expect all of them to come to her home and suddenly said that a contest will be held to which she really doesn’t know. “It’s about finding a husband for you soul friend # 1.” Ryuuren said.

“Husband?! But I don’t know about it!!!” Shuurei cried worriedly. “Oh Shuurei you’re back already.” Shouka, Shuurei’s father said as he was serving his tea to everyone but for the first time Shuurei didn’t bother about her father’s tea.

“What’s really going on you guys?! Why are you all here?! What contest?!” Shuurei said exasperated. “To start off Shuurei I actually hold a contest for you to pick a man that you like to be your husband.” Kuro said as he was sipping the tea.

“Contest? Husband? But I don’t...I’m still too young for that.” Shuurei said. “But we cannot wait Shuurei. Of course we want you to pick from us your husband. We’re all good looking and have good manners and we’re also government officials. Anyone of us could be the perfect husband for you!” Reishin said as he covers his mouth with his fan.

“Yeah any one of us.” Shuuei said as he was staring at the window. “Oh soul friend # 1 it would be a pleasure to have you as my wife!” Ryuuren said. “No!!! Shuurei would be my only wife! I promise her that!” Ryuuki cried as Reishin glared at him.

“No! You can’t be Shuurei’s husband! You’re too immature!” Reishin said. “Ehehe...Reishin-dono sure doesn’t like Ryuuki.” Kouyo thought chuckling. “Okay! To solve all this argument we will now hold the contest! Whether you like it or not Shuurei you will just have to pick from them.” Kuro said.

“Eh...these guys sure are irritating.” Shuurei thought. “Okay the contestants are...Kou Reishin, Shi Ryuuki, Ri Kouyo, Ran Ryuuren, Ran Shuuei and… Shi Seiran!” Koru cried. “What? Why am I in it?” Seiran asked.

“Because from all the men in here it seems that you are the one close with Shuurei. It will really be a tough especially if you join!” Koru said and the other contestants nodded. “But…but…” Seiran said but was cut off.

“No buts already! We really like it if you join the contest an—I mean Seiran. It’ll be tough since you may have known many things about Shuurei and is very close to her.” Ryuuki said.

“If you say so then okay I’ll join but don’t go easy on me.” Seiran said challenging the other contestants to which they smiled. They like’ll be really challenging if he joins. After that Kuro said about the first contest that they will be conducting.

“Okay so the first contest will be cooking! Every one of you will cook for Shuurei and whatever food Shuurei likes they will be the one who will go to the next round! Got it? So start sizzling already!!!” Kuro said as they start to move already.

“Oh no!!! I really don’t know how to cook!” Ryuuki groan as others already start to prepare the things they need for cooking.

“No!!!! I really don’t know how to cook!!!!” Ryuuki was even more scared that he can’t cook because Seiran have already started to cook something. “What will I do??? In this case I’ll gonna be eliminated and I won’t have Shuurei as my wife!” Ryuuki thought.

“ can’t cook?” Reishin ask Ryuuki as he was still troubled. “Wha…what?” Ryuuki ask absent mindedly.

“What?! The emperor can’t cook? What can you do now? If you can’t cook then you’re eliminated on the first round. And you’re even the one who wanted to win this contest badly.” Shuuei said as he was cooking.

“No! I can cook! I’ll let you see that I can really cook a...(looks at Shuurei who was staring at the window) meat buns!” Ryuuki said with his fist on air. “Really?!” Everyone cried looking at Ryuuki. They can’t really believe that Ryuuki can make a meat bun. Shuurei was even more shock.

“You can do it Ryuuki! I want to taste your meat buns!” Shuurei said and Ryuuki was even more determined to cook. Ryuuki already get the materials and the ingredients. Good thing that Ryuuki watch Shuurei cook meat buns.

“I think this goes here...and this like that…oh it really looks like Shuurei’s meat buns!!!!” Ryuuki cried happily while the others were still cooking delicious looking foods.

“Ha! Ha! With this I’m really sure that I’m gonna make it to the next round! There’s no escaping my love to you Shuurei.” Ryuuki thought happily as the meat buns were cooking.

“He! He! Shuurei you’re mine already! I can already see the outcome!!!” Ryuuki said as he was imagining himself winning over the other contestants and Shuurei was happily wed with him.

“Hey! You’re still imagining foolish things in there? You’re meat buns are burning!!!” Ryuuren said as Ryuuki was still imagining.

“Hey foolish emperor! You’re meat buns are almost burning!!” Reshien said in his ear.

“Don’t call me foolish you...NO!!! My meat buns!!! NO!!!” Ryuuki cried frantically as he was frantically setting off the fire and fanning the meat buns while the others were laughing at Ryuuki.

“Okay so it’s now time for Shuurei to taste the foods and decide on who will go on to the next round.” Kuro said as all of them were giving their food to Shuurei even Ryuuki who was a bit shy because of his meat buns.

“He! He! Wonder if he’ll go to the next round. I doubt it.” Reishin thought happily in his mind.

“Of all the people, Ryuuki should know how to cook or else he can’t go to the next round.” Seiran said worriedly because his little brother is having so much trouble just in the first round. “Here you go ojou-sama!” Seiran said as he handed his cooking to Shuurei since he was the first one.

“Thank you Seiran.” Shuurei said then took a bite of Seiran’s cooking. “Delicious! Seiran! It’s so delicious! I really like it!” Shuurei said happily. “It’s nothing ojou-sama.” Seiran said smiling. Next was Ran Shuuei.

“Hmm…not bad for Ran shogun! It’s so sweet!” Shuurei said. Shuuei was clapping on his own achievement. “I will not be defeated by my foolish elder brother # 4!” Ryuuren just suddenly cried and gave his cooking to Shuurei.

“Ehee…” Shuurei muttered. True they’re brothers but it looks like they aren’t that loving towards each other. Then Shuurei went to eat Ryuuren’s cooking. After a while “Hmm…it’s delicious Ryuuren!” Shuurei said.

“Of course! It’s more delicious than my foolish elder brother # 4’s cooking right soul friend # 1?” Ryuuren asked her and Shuurei was just chuckling. Next was Kouyou. “ it is Shuurei...hope you’ll like it.” He said as he handed it to Shuurei.

Shuurei tasted it and after a while “Wow Kouyou it’s delicious!” Shuurei said and Kouyou blush. Then suddenly a fan flew out of nowhere and Reishin’s eyes starts to sparkle. “I won’t lose in here.” Reishin said as he handed his cooking to Shuurei.

“Please have it and eat it to your heart’s content.” Reishin said. Shuurei start to eat and after eating... “Delicious!!! It’s so delicious Reishin-dono!” Shuurei said and Reishin was so happy that he cried buckets of water. “Oh Shuurei I really didn’t expect you to say those words! It makes me so happy!!!” Reishin cried as he went to Shouka still crying like a child.

“What?” Shuurei thought. Everyone was shock because of Reishin’s crying. “ who’s next?” Kuro said suddenly and someone gulps. Ryuuki handed his almost burnt meat buns to Shuurei shaking.

“Please have a bite on these meat buns...although it’s a bit burnt.” Ryuuki said then Shuurei pick up one meat bun and Ryuuki was shaking. As soon as Shuurei starts to eat the meat bun Ryuuki was already sweating profusely. Then when Shuurei finish eating the whole meat bun everyone was waiting for her comment.

“It’s…it’s delicious Ryuuki! I didn’t know that you can cook a meat bun. Although it’s a bit burn but maybe it adds to the flavor of the meat buns! So…you pass!” Shuurei said giving Ryuuki a thumbs up and Ryuuki was very happy.

“YEHEY! I pass the first round! I can go to the next round! Yehey!!!!” Ryuuki was so happy that he almost stumbles. “Okay now that everyone has passed hmm...we will make the second round a bit difficult so that one or two of you will somehow eliminate.” When he said this everyone was nervous.

“Okay for the next round it’ll be a quiz bee! It’s not about politics or anything related to government and the people but it’ll be about how well you know Shuurei!” Kuro said and Reishin suddenly cried happily.

“I won’t really lose in this round! I know Shuurei by heart!” Reishin said proudly. “How can you know Shuurei by heart when you aren’t always there for her?” Ryuuki said suddenly and Reishin got irritated and glared at him.

“Someone who really knows Shuurei well is Seiran since he is always there in Shuurei’s side since Shuurei was still a child right Seiran?” Shuuei said as he put his hand into Seiran’s shoulders. Everyone stared at Seiran and Seiran just chuckle and sweat drop.
“ this case it looks like I won’t really win this contest.” Shuuei said and everyone turn to Shuuei. “Why?” Kouyou said. “ know me...I don’t really have any information of the girls I go out with right? I just use my charms and looks to have them attracted to me.” Shuuei said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yeah! So...foolish elder brother # 4 do you want to give up already?” Ryuuren asked. “What else?” Shuuei said. “’ll be really wonderful if you won’t join in this contest after all.” Ryuuren said. “Let’s start already.”

“Oh okay! So the remaining contestants are Ran Ryuuren, Shi Ryuuki, Shi Seiran, Li Kouyou and Kou Reishin. Okay so in this round the person who has the least of correct answers will be eliminated. Is that okay with you contestants?” Kuro asked them and they nodded. Of course Ryuuki and Reishin are so determined to gain points.

“First Question: What is Shuurei’s dream ever since she was still a child?” Kuro asked and everyone raises their hands and answered. Everyone got 1 correct point. “Hehe…that was such an easy question! Okay let’s move on to the next question. Who poison Shuurei while she was still the emperor’s consort?”

Everyone raised their hands and answered and got 1 point except for Reishin. He didn’t even know that Shuurei got poison before. “Shuurei! You’ve been poison before? But why did I didn’t know about it? No!!! I’ve lost one point!!!” Reishin cried and Shuurei sweat drops and so are the others.

“Okay for the next question well who was the person in Sa Province that waver Shuurei?” Kuro asked them and like last time everyone answered except for Reishin. “NOO!!! This can’t be happening!!! Surely I’m gonna answer the next question.” Reishin said determined but… “I’m sorry but there are only 3 questions that we’ve prepared. You’re already eliminated.”

“NOO!!! I can’t accept this!!! NOO!!!” Reishin cried and because he was causing such noise Shouka told him to be quiet and he obediently follow. “Okay since there are only 4 of you so…hmm…in the next round Ryuuki and Seiran will pair up and Kouyou and Ryuuren will pair up and the two pairs will go to the forest and they will try to go past the forest. The first pair that will go past the forest will proceed to the next round.”

“You understand guys?” Kuro ask and they nodded. “Yehey! At least I’m paired up with anuie. At least I’m fine with it and I’m secured when I’m with brother.” Ryuuki said as he was happy that he was paired up with Seiran. Meanwhile on Ryuuren, Kouyou was a bit frustrated why he was paired up with Ryuuren.
“Grr…why am I paired up with you?” Kouyou asked Ryuuren. “I don’t even want to have a pair. I know that I can do this to myself. Why need to pair up with you?” Ryuuren said. “You’re right. But we don’t want to break the rules right? Let’s just pair up and cooperate with each other.” Ryuuren nodded and after Kuro gave out the rules they start.

Ryuuki and Seiran were already facing many dangers in the forest. Unexpectedly some assassins were also there. Although it wasn’t part of the contest but they just make a show since they also want to kill Ryuuki. But they were really mistaken and got killed instead. Ryuuki and Seiran are both experts especially in swordsmanship.

Meanwhile on Ryuuren and Kouyou, they too were ambush by assassins and they really have a low chance of winning. Good thing that Kouyou was a liitle braver than usual and Ryuuren…well he is still the same…using his flute as a weapon but it really is a good weapon. Every assassin that ambush them were left unconscious and luckily Shouka and the others went to their aide and took care of the assassins instead and Ryuuren and Kouyou continues.

When they were still walking trying to find they were out of the forest suddenly Ryuuren got bored and decided to play his flute. Kouyou tried to stop him but no good since Ryuuren already ‘played’ and Kouyou was driving really mad.

“Aah!!! Stop it!!!” Kouyou cried but it was useless. After Ryuuren played a ‘song’ suddenly he decided to go on a voyage. “What?! But the contest is not finish yet!” Kouyou asked. “But the wind is calling me already to go to a certain place. I must go.” Ryuuren said and he continue to play his flute leaving Kouyou eliminated since his partner has already given up.

Now it’s already on Ryuuki and Seiran. Luckily after many traps and dangers in the forest they have finally gone out of the forest. Now it was already on Ryuuki and Seiran who proceeded to the next round and they were waiting for Kuro to tell what’s the last and final thing that they will do.

“Okay…now that Ryuuki and Seiran have proceeded to the next round…we’ll gonna ask Shuurei who will she choose. Shuurei if you please?” Kuro asked Shuurei as Shuurei was busy thinking on who will she choose.

After a few minutes… “I think that…” Shuurei started and everyone waited for her answer on who of the two will she choose. Of course the two of them are most likely gonna be the candidate for Shuurei’s husband.

“I think…sorry to say this but I think that I still don’t have any time for those marriage things. (Everyone groan especially Ryuuki) I already told you earlier that I don’t want these things and since you really force it so I just silently watch in here but I think that I’m still not up for marriage or anything.” Shuurei explain.

“But…but…” Ryuuki said. He was the most disappointed in Shuurei for not choosing someone that she wants to be her husband. “No buts Ryuuki…you already know that I still don’t have any time for it. So can you please understand?”

“I understand.” Ryuuki said gloomily. Shuurei know about this one so she decided to make meat buns and everyone was happy. They all love Shuure’s meat buns. Even Ryuuren who was on a ‘journey’ return back to Shuurei’s home.

Everyone was happy as they were eating Shuurei’s meat buns except for Ryuuki. He suddenly went out of Shuurei’s home and went directly to the Imperial Palace. It was really a big blow for Ryuuki. Shouka realize this since he known Ryuuki well aside from Seiran and he told Shuurei about this.

“! (give Shuurei the container of the meat buns that she always carry and inside it are 6 meat buns) Give these to Ryuuki. He isn’t here at all since he was disappointed because you didn’t even choose from the two of them. Of’ll be disappointing for everyone especially on Ryuuki.”

“So…what Ryuuki needs right now is a companion?” Shuurei ask. “Of course and I think that it has to be you Shuurei. So go now to Ryuuki…” Shouka said then Shuurei obediently follow. Shuurei went to the Imperial Palace and into the room of Ryuuki.

“Ryuuki...are you here?” Shuurei asked as she opens the door. “OH! Shuurei!!! Why are you here? Do you want to sleep with me?” Ryuuki asked excitedly.

“No! (Ryuuki groan) I’m here to bring you meat buns. You didn’t eat it. You just immediately went here after the contest finished.” Shuurei said placing the container of the meat buns in the desk.

“I’m just disappointed why you didn’t pick any of us to be your husband.” Ryuuki said as he starts to eat one meat bun. “I’m still too young for that you know. But anyways why do you have so many scrolls in here?” Shuurei asked as she begins to open one scroll.

“WHOA!!! This girl sure is beautiful! Who is it Ryuuki?” Shuurei asked amaze.

“I don’t know her. You must know that being an emperor I have to find a wife and that’s why they’ve been sending many pictures of women to let me choose who I want to be my wife. I don’t have any interest in them anyway so I still haven’t chosen. And besides I already told you that I will take only you as my wife.” Ryuuki said as he eats another meat bun.

“But least find one gi—”Shuurei said but was cut as Ryuuki suddenly kisses her. As soon as Ryuuki finishes kissing her he suddenly hugs her.

“I love you Shuurei. No other girl would make me like this. It will always be you Shuurei even if I have to wait how many years just for you to love me back. I don’t really care! All I care is for you to be beside me always. Caring for me…loving me!” Ryuuki said passionately as he was still hugging Shuurei.

“I...I understand Ryuuki...I understand.” Shuurei said as she hugs him back. “But you have to wait Ryuuki I don’t have any time for marriage or that sort right now. You of all people know that I’m aiming for the top. I don’t want to rely on others. I want to help everyone.” Shuurei said.

“I know. Even if I have to wait for a thousand years remember that I’m always here for you supporting you on your dreams and loving you eternally.” Ryuuki said. “Shuurei I’ll always be here for you!”

“Thanks. Oh yeah it’s late already I have to go home now.” Shuurei said as she let go of the hug. “I have to go now Ryuuki...take care of your—” Shuurei said but was cut as Ryuuki suddenly grab on her wrists.

“Please...please stay here just for tonight. I want to hear you playing the erhu once more. Just please stay here tonight.” Ryuuki said as Shuurei went to face him and said “Just for tonight okay? And don’t tell me that you’re still afraid of the dark?”

“ since you went away to Sa Province I’ve been feeling a little lonely and became scared of the dark.” Ryuuki said.

“Okay...I’ll stay here for tonight Ryuuki.” Shuurei said as Ryuuki cried for joy and Shuurei played the erhu until Ryuuki went to sleep and Shuurei went to sleep too.


Hope you like it! I dedicate this story to all Saiunkoku Monogatari fans out there especially when they are supporting Ryuuki x Shuurei! I really hope that you’ll like this story! Oh yeah if you have any recent news about Saiunkoku Monogatari please feel free to inform me! I really want to know any latest events in Saiunkoku Monogatari. Thanks! Go Ryuuki! LOL! Love this hottie guy!

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