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Posted 4/5/17
With season 3 announced and akito the exiled Blue ray coming out later this year i wanted to buy the Blue ray copies of Code Geass from Funimation. I already own the DVD copies of seaosn one and tow. I was looking into buy the collectors edition just to have it in a bundle but i was reading reviews on it saying that season two on the collectors edition had horrible audio issues. If anyone knows would it be better to just buy the seasons separate instead of buying the collectors edition bundle to avoid that audio issues or should i just got ahead and get the collectors if both version of season two have audio issues.
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Posted 4/6/17
As one of the people who had bought the collector's edition when it first released and had to contact Funimation for replacements, I'm pretty sure the audio issues are already fixed for the reprinted Blu-rays of season 2. You can read more about the issue here:

Another issue with the first printing of the collector's edition was that some chipboard boxes were poorly made resulting in a tilted or crooked box that wouldn't stand up straight. I'm not sure if new the new printings have fixed that.

Check the serial numbers on the actual disks to make sure you have the new set (FN-07354)

Old: FN-07350
#1 DV-07350E - 2061521
#2 DV-07350F - 2061522
#3 DV-07350G - 2061523
#4 DV-07350H - 2061524

New: FN-07354
#1 DV-07354A - 2061529
#2 DV-07354B - 2061530
#3 DV-07354C - 2061531
#4 DV-07354D - 2061532

With all that said, either version is viable.
As of this post, the separate seasons are currently cheaper on Amazon.
Funimation and RightStuf have the collector's edition at the same price. In addition, RightStuf has the following claim in their description: "This reprinted Collector's Edition has corrected audio."
Maybe also consider the collector's edition just to get the full set of art cards since Akito will have its own set.
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