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Post Reply So VRV Is Not Some Virtual Reality Bullcrap?
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Posted 4/8/17

well what ever it is, its on roku. witch is good, since the @#%^@#%@# CR app never plays.

Great for you but now the VRV app wont work on my tablet NOT SUPPORTED and the cr app runs like crap as it is.

Correction VRV can install with a third party sketchy website but when you link your account it premium account doesnt work you have to wait.

So the PREMIUM service iv already paid for gets worse and their pushing something else down my throat. I like how to enroll in this new pay service I have to cancel my old. DO THE REMAINING PREPAID MONTHS I CANCELED GET CREDITED TO MY VRV ACCOUNT?????


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Posted 5/7/17
the latest advertisement about VRV on watchmojo

Top 10 Shows You Can Find On VRV

watchmojo is doing quite a few advertisement videos for crunchyroll lately

i guess this is the common trend now a day.. gather enough subscribers and then turn the channel into an advertisement channel

i don't know about other people but i've never bought anything after watching ads before..
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