Post Reply Does anyone have advice for an aspiring Manga artist?
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Posted 4/6/17
I would love to start drawing Manga and would want to start from the basics and gain a better knowledge on Manga.
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Posted 4/7/17 , edited 4/7/17
same as me. I would like to ask, are you starting it as a hobby, or trying to go novelist and seeing what you can get for publishing it?

I kind of think of doing both. breaking my teeth on some comedy based stuff then looking forward to something I'd say has inspiration from things like claymore and berserk
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Posted 4/8/17
Can you draw? I think that is step one.
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Posted 7/19/17
Suuper late post...but

if its basics, there's lots of places to start, which I'll drop a few links below. But the key things you'd want to build up is to keep on drawing every day and build both your brain and hand's memory - I know that's a hard start but its a must in building up your skills. So in tandem with your drawing exercises, Its always a feel-good thing at the end of the day to draw something you like (i.e. fanart of your fave character/ fave animal/ fave pokemon...etc. ) and REMEMBER! Finished, not Perfect!
Go to the 2nd part of the tutorial page, "2) Traditional Drawing"
Drawing Basics Playlist, If you're done with this I recommend going to Proko's Channel and do anatomy
This is an old page, but it was fun reading through them, they explain some manga concepts in simple terms.
Naschi's expansive manga tutorials and techniques Try them out!
Another set of tutorials for beginners
practice your anatomy, try drawing within 10 mins, then shorten your minutes to either 5 or 2 minutes as a challenge.
more tips on drawing, the main site is also a life drawing video website, for more practice!

And then there's also the old-fashioned way - Check your local library. My library has crap ton of books on not only basic drawing, but also on manga!
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