Osomatsu-san Season 2 announced!!!
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Posted 4/7/17

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Posted 4/8/17

I've closed this primarily because there's already an anticipation thread about season 2 of osomatsu-san so please do add any news or expressions of excitement there:


Please also note that an opening post that consists of nothing but emojis and an image is insufficent. In this case the information you put in the "Description" field would have been better to include in the opening post. (The info in the description is only visible to other users in a very limited way, so it's more useful as a a kind of subtitle--this isn't obvious at first, and there's no way you would really know that if this is your first thread).

Finally, FYI, there is currently a bug with uploading images to forum posts. Fortunately there's a super-easy way to correct for it -- simply remove the extraneous "$" from the image ID before posting.
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