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Posted 4/16/17
Really disappointed that CR pulled season 3. Might be cancelling my premium membership after this, unfortunately.
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Posted 4/16/17

VoltWaffle wrote:

Really disappointed that CR pulled season 3. Might be cancelling my premium membership after this, unfortunately.

Blame Sentai if we're pointing fingers.

Rinne S3 is licensed by Sentai and its Sentai who is the one that didn't give CR Rinne. The CR-Sentai bridge is practically burned so I'm not surprised this didn't make it here.
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Posted 4/16/17
I'm not really blaming anyone. I know the respective companies in this situation are doing what they feel they need to make a profit. It just sucks that the fans are the ones feeling the pinch.
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Posted 4/17/17 , edited 4/17/17
I've watched the previous two seasons on CR and was looking forward to the third season on CR. When the first episode was past due (according to - I kept checking to see if Anime Strike had gotten it. This is the first time that I've seen CR not get a new season of an anime (where they streamed the previous seasons) that was relatively popular; and to loose it to AnimeNetwork - whom seems to me - not as big a player as CR or Funimation (whom I also pay for).

Before the partnership between CR and Funimation, either CR or Funimation always carried all the new streaming anime (combined between the two). It is true that Sentai is behind this; but I think this is Sentai's way of not allowing CR and Funimation to control the pricing. I've heard the arguments that the agreement or merger or non-compete agreement (or whatever you call it) was a good thing; but now the new streaming anime is not on two sites (CR or Funimation) but 4. How is that a good thing (now I would have to pay $12 extra a month to see it all)? When two companies team up and try to control cost (no matter the reason) in a capitalistic system - you are going to run into unintended consequences. At this moment, the only ones benefiting from the non-compete agreement between CR and Funimation is CR and Funimation since the two major companies are in agreement about the cost (and that cost savings has not been passed along); but it seems like Sentai is not in agreement; and why should they?

I guess I'll have to wait until the end of RIN-NE (Season 3) to end; and take AnimeNetwork up on their two week trial; and may also do the free trial period on Anime Strike so I can watch the other Anime I'm missing because of the non-compete agreement between CR and Funimation.

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Posted 4/18/17
aw man not on CR? wanted to put it in my queue >.> was looking forward to it too
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Posted 4/22/17 , edited 4/22/17
Episode 2

The second episode has two half. The first one has Rinne trying to solve a case with a member of the track team being tripped by a ghost and the other half with a ghost with no face wanting her face to be drawn.

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Posted 5/11/17
RINNE 3 EP 51 "Golden License" / EP 52 ""The Cursed Ace" / Draw Me" / EP 53 "Wheel of Reincarnation Cleanup Day" / "Infinite Malice"/ "A Puppy in the Rain"

EP 51 "Golden License"

OMG Rinnes Dad has his familiar read a comic ( so lazy) and Rinnes DAD Golden License Causes all kid of havoc

Best OP so far / "Shiny" by Yoru no Honki Dance

Catchy ED too / "Suki Nano Kana" by Softly

EP 52 ""The Cursed Ace" / Draw Me"

Thise endless tool keep Rinne in the Red // Track Team incident was OK and the Faceless drwawing becuse of glasses was interesting

EP 53 "Wheel of Reincarnation Cleanup Day" / "Infinite Malice"/ "A Puppy in the Rain"

The Twins Electric Schyte The evil eye and that laugh ROFL Raito & Refuto

OMG Kotarto just sprayed Rinne

RIN-NE 3 EP 54"Ane at the Shopping Mall" / "Kuroboshi Sansei" / EP 55 "Kuroboshi Sansei" / "The Lucky Pot"/ "Bamboo Sprout in Rainbow Color"

THE EP had moments but I have been spoiled with some Of Rinne's outlandish EPS but the Fortunate Teller / Crystal Ball had some good scenes

THE ED song about Rinne / Sakura "Suki Nano Kana" by Softly

EP 55 "Kuroboshi Sansei" / "The Lucky Pot"/ "Bamboo Sprout in Rainbow Color"

Sometimes the 3 Skits are the best Rinne has to train a young black cat , Thn the Lucky Pot brings out Rinnes Dad and the usual insane cast

Then the Rainbow Bamboo Sprout really brings out the insanity
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55 / M / East Coast
Posted 6/18/17 , edited 6/18/17
No Comments on a very funny Anime / really sad

RIN-NE 3 EP 56 "Special Protected Sacred Bird" /"June Bride" / "The Safe in Hell

Segment one is just an instant classic.

Even hot H2o is a problem just to make ramen . I been doing more myself so I get it Then after the OP the NC says it was 1.5 minutes instead of 3 then they almost loose it when Shoma shows up ! What a funny set up as the sacred bird Rinne has to take of gets lobster . rare black steak etc when all they have is Ramen. More insult just leftovers from Shoma's dinner I could stop the EP here I am crying already how absurd this is!

But I didnt as the Ramen got big and soggy so Rinne gives the crow the Ramen and as Rinne / Rokumon try to eat the bird's gourmet food it attacks dumping the Ramen on Rinne's head then eating his food the rest of the box then you just knew he was going to eat the Ramen

Wait it then opens Rokumon portal for his secret stash of food then goes after the emergency rayions of dried bread

The bird is crazy for food a portal opens up with a hot dog on it Kursou snags the bird saying he doent want Shoma to get in trouble taking it ti a sanctuary but the pamphlet falls out sayinng 10000 Yen award Rine fights him

Next victim Sakura has special baked sweet potatoes that were pricey ( 700 Yen for one ) Sakura sees the bird fall thriugh the portal and gives it a bit of SP then offers Rinne a whole one but the bird eats ebeythin and is gettin bigger as Kursou says dont feed it no more as it wiil become a adult and the crow wiil go back on its own Rinne tries to collect the bounty but that is used to pay for the Ramen sweet potatoes and the Sushi it ate from the delivery driver Just great!

June Bride

The June coffee shop ( just brilliant ) replaced the Chapel where Ghost Bride was suppose to marry.Well the shop owner had married the groom instead ! The bride cat remember i she was hit by a car.But the coffe shop was the cahapel and he was trying to drum up business so he dressed as the bride since his wife was pregrant and needed film and was run over . Rinne puts the Yoshiro doll and the bride together and he ( the bride moved on

The safe from Hell

as usual Rinne is poor and after a failed arremot to sell amusement park tickets that is failing A safe falls from the sky that has 10000 yen in it . Rokumon is going to return to the spirt police but Rinne decicdes to keep it However it is locked and Rinne cat break it with his schyte but Masdato is outside as he is the culprit trying to torment Rinne becuse the safe is made of unvreakable ice from Hell. So Masato gives him all kinds of tools ( from hell ) to try to break but mostlt set fires and gets doused with water even when when there was no fire.

Now Masato got the safe from the Hell Fair that was failing from Renge ( of course the Fair was being run by Rinne;s father ( nut Masato stole it and after the floor vracked Renge comes in as she live nearby and her floor is cracked too and finds the safe / Masato but the sade is a joke as Rinne gets punche the biil is fake Masato has to fix eberything

RIN-NE 3 EP 57 "Poltergeist" / "The Taboo in the Shinigami World"

Jumonji finally gets a chance to impress Sakura when he tries to quell a mischievous spirit. Later, Sakura and Rinne help a "creepy" spirit give the performance of his life.

RIN-NE 3 EP 58 "Open After Seven Days" / "Silver Scythe" / "Prince of Shinigami"

Ageha vs Renge just si funny and in a very very rare instance Rinne got to keep money 1000 Yen Nice!

We had the Barrier Tape but now Magical Barrier "Duct" Tape" ( actually that would keep pests away XD

No the Twins have a Silver Scythe ( Dont take it Rinne ) to test for 500 Yen Then Yen amounts appear ( lika scratch off lottery game ) only a few were produced but one has 0 value ! Rinne gives back the 550 Yen and wanys tp split any award . It turns out to be 1 Billion Yen ans is willing to give the Twins 1 Million Problem is there is no ! Billion Yen it's mistake No Yen for anybody

Matsugo treating that poor girl badly but it turned out OK

RIN-NE 3 EP 59 "Apologize in The Altar Room""Goddess of Wisdom""River of Treasure"

Rinne's dad steals the golden can of mackrel from hos father's tomb incurring not only the wrath of Rinnne & Grandmother but has a curse.Sabato has to go to the Altar room to say I am sorry but Rinnes's gramdmother threw all kind of junk in the room Sabato has to go through but there is valables in there As Rinne Samato fight over them Rinne's grandfather who is now a mackerel floods Sabato with water and they end up in the Altat Room

The study session that went crazy Nice Sakura's friends stayed to capture the the Spirt Well thet thought it would make them smarter Jusy great chase comedy but Rinne and everybody got to eat Top bluefin Tuna,

The rules for cleaning / finding treasure goes crazy over a gold bar.

RIN-NE 3 EP 60 "The First Association Meet" / "An Ominous Prophecy"

The workers at Rinne's dad are forming an union to get paid not only got OT but back wages but it is funny as Renge is the leader.Sajura brings Rinne Food and Rinne;s dad wants to cook but he also brought PKGS of bombs with him Opem flame is not too cool ! But Rinne's dad had a couple of his loyal workers sell the Bombs and bribed eveerybody with dinner.

Oh the Peep ball was funny

RIN-NE 3 EP 61"Mystery of the Flower Path" / "I'll Lend You My Right Arm" / "Black Report Card"

The Flower Path has the flowers dying Rinne and others are suppose to find the cause but also look for Kain who went missin. The searchers are kinda reluctant but a cash award changes things The chase Kain's Black Kat and the spirt mole that was monster dug tummels roobing the plants of their food

Runne has to take exams but was doing work bot on the day of the test Sakura notices Rinne's Right hand was somebody else's He gets in the Top 10 but Renge saw it too and complains, He did to help spirts who need points by takking exams which were their regrets , He convince Renge others it was legit but actually he fails english becuse the ?? were in Japanese and used a recently tranferred rxchamge student so he tries to find somebody

Annette was suppose to grade Report cards annd took them home but cant find them so she has Rinne come help but she used fairies To pay them they wanted caje so she used more fairies but they wanted all kind of items so she makes the cake but was burnt so they blackened the report cards They dont stop as they have to use akk of the cake as payback Annette stries to put them back in the fary book but ibstead asborbed all the cake and rubbing it all over Annettes residence they are done and she has to clean the place before her mother grandmothe come home too late ans she has to to do the report cards anyway
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Posted 6/23/17 , edited 6/23/17
Catching up on anime I decide to start with Rinne and oh boy there are a lot of funny episodes. Now to catch up on Sakura Quest.

Episode 3

This is a three part episode and the first part has to do with shinigami having to clean the Wheel of Reincarnation. The second has to do with the weapon smith siblings wanting Rinne to purify a scythe they made. The third part has to do with helping a student as he is being haunted by a dog spirit, but turns out the dog spirit only wanted to say goodbye.

Episode 4

This episode we are finally introduced to one of the new characters this season. Annette is a fortune teller that has a orb that has been passed down in her family. Rinnne is told about the orb and turns out it's a tool that needs to be retrieved. When he goes to find her she is gone but returns after getting lunch. He tries to get it back but somehow disappears when it falls into the lake and she disappears too. The next day she shows up at school as she is the new teacher and decides to give him the orb as it is damaged. He tries to take it back to claim a reward but see's a vision of getting paid more from Annette so decides to get it fix only for the vision to be not true.

Episode 5

We have another three part episode and Rinne has to train Kuroboshi grandson get over his fear of spirits, The second part has to do with Rinne's father looking for a pot as it holds a lot of money he hide. The third part has to do with Rinne picking Bamboo Sprout and one of them is a rare one and everyone tries to get it.

Episode 6

We have another three part and the first one has to do with illegal bird that can be turned in for a reward. The second has to do with a June bride and figure out how make her rest in peace. The third has to do with a safe that Masato drops in Rinne place and how he tries to figure how to claim the money inside.

Episode 7

Another three part and the first one has to do with a power stone and they try to figure what kinda power it has. The second is about a family that is being haunted by a ghost but the ghost only wanted to entertain the people at work but die before he could. The third has to do with Ageha and how she tries to get ride of a spirit house and falls into Rinne's than into Kains.

Episode 8

The first part has to do with Ageha and how she once again forgot something is causing problems for Renge. The second has to do with the weapon smith siblings wanting Rinne to use a scythe since only a Shinigami can use it. The thing is that overtime he purifies a spirit the scythe peels revealing a price he can claim. To bad the scythe is a fake and he can't claim the prize and he loses the reward money. The third part has to with Matsugo helping a girl pass on but the only way he would do it is if Rinne goes on date with him.

Episode 9

The first part has to do with Rinne helping his dad get to his grandpa alter to ask for forgiveness after trying to steal a gold can. The second has to do with Tsubassa inviting Sakura to study but Rinne tags along with Sakura's friends. He get a packaged with that holds a goddess and they try to seal it up again. The third part has to do with Rinne and Rokumon cleaning the river as sometimes spirits drop rare items. Rokumon finds a gold bar and Rinne tries to turn it for the cash but than he drops and everyone tries to fight for it. In the end they lose the gold bar and have to wait until next to find it.

Episode 10

The first part has to do with Renge trying to form a Association that will ask Sabato for the money that owed to them. The second has to do with Renge trying to change a prophecy where she would be arrested by Kain. Turns out the one arresting her was a puppet that Sabato made in order to trick everyone while he stole the orb from Annete.

Episode 11

The first part has to do with Kain missing and Rinne and other shinigami are offer a reward for finding him. The second has to do with a Rinne using spirit hands to help him on tests and Renge catches him. Turns out he was doing it to help them pass on but in reality he was cheating. The third part has to do with Annete sensei and how she asks Rinne to help her with some fairies she summoned. Turns out she summoned them to help her with the students report cards and they ask for a sweet treat. She gave them a burnt cake she made and they didn't like it and decide to get revenge. In the end the fairies disappear after getting their revenge and Annete works on the report cards like should have.

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Posted 6/23/17
I miss this show
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Posted 7/4/17
I sure hope Crunchy will get this after the third season finishes airing.
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Posted 7/8/17
And thus, one the great mysteries of RIN-NE (Rinne's mom) has been answered. I have to say, Sabato and Otome are a lot more lovey-dovey than I expected... Also, I love the reveal of the true reason Otome disappeared! XD Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her and Ichigo.

I couldn't help but notice that this new OP seems to be devoid of new characters... Have we finally filled out our main cast?
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Posted 7/18/17
RIN-NE 3 EP 62 "Evil Spirit in the Summer House" / "Eggplant Romance" / "One Coin Investigation"

There is an old summer house that some sprirt hurts people

Anju-san is back ( crush on Matsugo)

A wooden beam fron a tree that was on a Mt with a view is angry why the tree wanted to see the ocean especially the babes but got installed the wrong wat and trys twisting arounf Rinne sets up 2-way optics but jealousies cause the fireworks to knock ovet yje optics and the neam twistss itsekf around destroting the house

Spirts are allowed to visit Earth occasionally getting ther on cucumbers ( fast ) and EggPlants that give a slow peaxeful ride back Rinne asks Kan\in if he could leftover eggplant and Kain says they all should be used until Rinne points one out A search begins for the miising passnger Sahura discovers an older lady in front of her house which the gasrden is overgrown and she for some reason she dont like eggplant so Rinne will have to see what the problem is

A new toolThe Phantom Light Lantern for memories ) I just enjoy this XD BTW 810 Yen

She had a beatiful garden and great eggplants She began having a chat with a young man everyday because he looked liked her late husband The day sje feel ill ge cane rushing in and was pudgy and she looked at him like an eggplant because he wore purple shirts but he bring dlowers to honor her passing ans she goes back happy

Rinne gets 500 Yen for expenses and a Yutuka to bust a Damashigami ( Renge ) at a festival with in tow Rinne figures if he has bo expense he can buy stall food

Renge wiil give her E-Maill Addrees ( which backcharges ) If They fish ballons out problem is if they do that their Spirts go into the ballon and she can make money But Suzu ( Kains Black Cat is Stealinfg food and breaks the ballons BTW Kain is there for the same reason to capture the Damashigami and Renge Tells Rinne to protect her ( Rinne still want to collect her ) Kain is seen bt Sakura's friends as he has Eath Vision glasses but Suau is off causing trouble again

But sly Renge has regular ballons and us thinking of closing up So Rinne cant arrest her So Rinne wants to check other stalls ( for food ) using the 500 Yen nut he see more w/o their souls and goes back to Renge who has 1 ballon lreft but Rinne freezes yp not wabting to spend it meantime renge tries to escape but discovers Suzu broke all the ballons Suzu nis one of my FAVS

RIN-NE 3 EP 63 Otome the Shinigami

I enjoy Rinne a lot but this EP just stepped up everything I am so mystified

It has been a steady fuuny anime that doent get stale but these reveals wow!

NEW OP Rocks "Setsuna Yumemishi" by KEYTALK

New characters Otome / Ichigo

Sakura / Rinne look great

Rinne wants to buy the Otome's Schyte that comes with a Plantium He goes to see Tamako and discovers Otome is his mother But why she ran away from home Sabato pawned her Schyte No surptise there XD

Rinne feeks bad and Tamako buts Rinne's Schyte back but Rinne is happy he learned something about his mom

Sakura has new neighbors and the daughter Ichigo can see sprrts too The spirt that lives there was the wife whose husnand's business failed and had to sell the house

Ichigo tels the spirt to leave in unfriendly demand and does since Rinne already purfied her But Uchigo feels something is following her and wans Rinne to investiagate but it shows up as a spy camera from the other side

The case is more compliciated / Rinne goes pad to his room where Sabato is knocked out abd only Otome's license is there not the schyte

So Rinee's dad sprays Spirt incense spray not that Rinne fers mych money but to get Otome to rescue Rinne and she does appear Otome gives Sabato a beatdown and boots him away ( Just great )

So then Rinne asks Otome do you know who I am ans she says oh a Shinigami can you pay me for the spirts

Rinne is very sad Otome diesnt know Sanato comes back and expains she no memory of Rinne and releases more Spirts and tuens out to be a competition as Rinne refuses to hand over his fee Meanwhile Ichigo cant be seen by another camera but the spirts that Sabato released shee can see a lot of them

Rinne saves her and Ichigo can see Otome and say she knows her as Orome begins to glow

RIN-NE 3 EP 64 Lies and Truth

Sad but funny back story but at least Rinne knows the truth and will get to see his mother

But wait Orome was a Yoshiro Doll Sabato tried using to find Orome too

As Sabato explains he traved to the Wheel of Reincarnation and thinks she is on Earth At that point Ichigo gives Sabato as beatdowb with Sabato's scythe

Turns out Otome didnt care about the scythe orv Sabato's books he brought exceot one which Otome threw in the River but got taken by a herd of hnus to the Wheel sje has been a fish / anteater / canary and now Ichigo

Well agasin no surprise Sabato is behind the Spy cameras

Turnsd out it was Otome's tearbook and her age 2 tears younger than Tamako

But she still likes Sabato and and feels bad about not being there for Rinne

RIN-NE 3 EP 65 "Kokkuri-san" /"Cursed Piggy Bank"/"The Hated Sansei"

Ichigo and her classmates play Kokkuri-san". but a real Kokkuri-san". appears Rinne / Sakura then Jumonju show up as the teavher hired him but Uchigo throws a xolored spirit ball at him and throws her teacjer classmates into a panic finds out iy was to be a client ( Otome ) that died at a haunted houdse and wanted her to purify him

Oh Ichigo is friends with Rokuman as she gives him cat food

Sabato is behind cursed piggy bank and cant release it until it had 5000 yen but Sabato pocketed 7000 yen instead Sabato escapes but gets injured after the bank nlows up

Tamako wants Kuroboshi III to help clean yup a shed but thashes it more becuse of his spirt phobia and gets banished to Rinne for 5 days
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Posted 7/24/17
RIN-NE 3 EP 66"Curse of Splurge"/ "The Cursed Peep Ball"

A great set- up as the first segment laid the groundwork for the insane 2nd segment

Rinne is at the Star-le ( err Starbucks ) and there are squiggly lines all over the ceiling and customers have stopped coming in. This started when a certain woman started coming in ( Annette walks in ) With her Sakura / Jumonji Annette wants to discuus something abd offers to but coffee / donuts ( Rinne could actuallu eat the donut XD ) but the store mgr tells Rinne thay is the woman but Rinne sticks up for her ( of course food ) Annette says she cant save money

There is a snake sprirt Jumonji throws a sprirt bomb at it Rinne just protects the donuts

Annette bought a wallet the other day that is suppose to make money but they wonder if it's snake skin leather

There was a card in it that looked looked snake skin but Annette threw it out that was the charm but instead a curse occurred

The card has feelings

The card is found Annettte says sorry but now the card will sleep a 100 uears

The Open Air Shingami Market to but tools

Dont laugh we have 4 or 5 open air markets right in my area Some are merch /some farmers

Masato is there to byt firecrackers He gets a flyer of sales

He puts the fireworks inside a steamed bun to get at Rinne after he just got counting his pymt and Masoto ruins that od course Rinne boots him

Meanwhile Annette tels Sakura she keeps seeing stars in her peep ball and Sakura understands why as looks up and Masoto lands on Annette and sees stars / then Masoto sees stars too the peep ball as Annette lands on him with same result

Rinne who was going to buy food see the market flyer with 10 scythe wax for 2000 yen get one free but then he is short 100 ten in the mishap

Meanwhile Sajura warns Annette Masoto may be after the peep ball which he is to geeet even with Rinne who shows up looking for his 100 yen

Nasato curses the peeo ball but it shows Rinne holding cash So at the Mrkt Rinne hestitaes and wants to but lottery but goes to nut the wax and its gonne So lottery yes Rinne has biils only a 1000 ten The ball never showed the ant

Both Annette / Rinne are angry and want to lift the curse Sakura tags along and her observations are rightbto the point

At Annettes house Sakura asks did somebody break in but its because Annette is lazy and her mother / gransmother are away

Again more ironry as there is a key to unleck thew curse but it's buried i n the mees somewhere , I think this anime has so many stupid thongs show up I an ROFL with the situations and it doesnnt go stale

Then the ball shows Rinne with her wallet taking out 1000 yen when he wants to protect bit Masato tells him to take it but Annette comes in yelling at Rinne

She grabs the wallet and the key is there ptoblem you need the magic white box more searching but Annette had sealed Masato in so he calls Cerebus the 3 headed guard dog from hell which causes more havoc the white box appears with all the havoc bur Verrebus grabs it for Masato byr Rinne gets it back Problem it needs a 1000 ten which Rinne can barely part with but Masato takes it Rinne is in shock nut Annette puts the money in and the purifying cloth appears and Annette removes the curse but she bumps on her head / grandmother / mother comes home and both Masato / Annette get punished

Moral of the Story Listen to Sakura XD she was great basically she's been the MC all season
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38 / M / Akihibra
Posted 7/24/17
Another great anime
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