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Posted 7/30/17 , edited 7/31/17
Oh they did that sucks wounder why
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Posted 8/13/17 , edited 8/13/17
Episode 12

A three part episode. The first part Rinne is asked to exorcise a beach house and all his friends tag along. The cause of the problem is a wooden beam who wants to see the beach and in the end does so by destroying the house. The second part Rinne takes part in a festival where spirits ride cucumbers to visit their family and eggplants to head back to the spirit world. One spirit doesn't want to head back and Rinne has to help her. The last part Rinne is hired to bust a Damashigami who turns out to be Renge.

Episode 13

This episode we are introduced to Ichigo a little girl who can see spirits who moved in with her family into their new house. In the spirit world Rinne pawns his own Schyte to get his mothers Schyte and asks his grandmother for the whereabouts of his mother. Turns out she doesn't know where she is and could be she left because Sabato pawned her Schyte? Back in real world Sakura notices how Ichigo dislikes going home and it's due to it being haunted but Rinne takes care of the problem. Thats not the end of Ichigo's problem as she notices that she is being watched by someone so Rinne gives her something that casts a barrier. Sabato manages to steal the license and creates a doll of Otome to figure what happened to her. Ichigo being chased by spirits is saved by Rinne and she recognizes Otome.

Episode 14

The truth is finally revealed and turns out Ichigo is Otome reincarnated. We get a funny backstory of how Sabato and Otome meet and Sabato was a popular with the ladies but that changed once he met Otome. They end up getting married and they have Rinne later but after Sabato gets home with some books he bought she gets sacred. Turns out one of the books is a year book and Otome tries to get rid of it, so Sabato won't find out what year she graduated from. She did this in order to hide her age which is two years younger than Tamako but by doing so get stuck between a herd of hnus going into the wheel of Reincarnation. Now that the truth has been found out Otome will live her new life as Ichigo and be part of Rinne's life.

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Posted 8/24/17 , edited 8/24/17
So sad no comments myself I was behind but this show is a gem!

RIN-NE 3 EP 67 "Head Man" / "When You Wish Upon the Moon" / "The First Saury Festival"

Annette needs Rinne to "purify' Head Man who keeps showing up at Night It's funny as sets the price for Rinne It's a stusenr from school who has crush on her and bought a robe hat from her He bought a cape and hat that made him invisbile but there was spell in the hat . Yurns out it was Anettes grandmother s and got in trouble again

The Twins build an altar ( on top of Rinne's place ) for a moon event and has dumplings to offer the spirt abd hire Rinne to protect them Bot so easy as it seems every spirt wants to eat them Why theu want the advice from him to write on a piece of wood for their shop so it wiil begood businees, Rinnr says a part time job is easier , The Spirt comes nut is on a diet and has a tootache but eefuto forces him to eat . He lights up and the advice is het a PT job

Autumn is Saury time and Kain is having a Saury Festival but not what you think its for the saury spirts that move on buy more a purofication for those uneaten or undercooked and have to be purified

But another catch the Saury that are undercooked want to be done prpoerly and breathe fire but as Aegha purfies one it gets smaller and Rinee says eventually be able to eat it

But Suzu wont let them

Side Note : When Suzu is in an EP it just cracks me up !

Rinne collects all the schytes Suzu knocked away and use them as a grille for the Saury / it is well cooked but also purified and disappears

Well ay least they had rice and was the first / last Saury festival

RIN-NE 3 EP 68 "The Practical Training for Capturing a Dream Demon"

That was a good EP really twisted and funny

Rinne keeps having a dream with Sakura and food but ends up being Matsugo

The Dream Demin that Sakura / Tsubuusa / Renge seen has the seal from Elite Shinigami School ( Matsugo ) They go to Matsugo place and are greeted by Kuromitsu

But Matsugo is having bad dreams too with Rinne being frieends but turns into Anju ( The girls who likes Practical Training for Capturing a Dream Demon )

Turns out Matsugo is in Practical Training for Capturing a Dream Demon

Renge is interested because she wanted to get into that school when her mishap happened

As part of the Training students receive Drean link Incense which conects other dreams. Of course Matsugo put incense in Rinnes which Rokumon discovers

They both dream v but Rinne stays asleep to find the Dream Demon but Matsugo doent want to capture it.Enter Anju in a wedding dress to spoil Matsugo's dream

But it gets crazier as Renge falls asleep and is after Kain

Rinne stops that dream then Tsubuusa / Sakura are married

Then poor Rinne is ridculed by everybody. Just As Sakura is feeding Tsubuusa and it is the Dream Demon Rinne goes after but stops as Sakura / Tsubuusa are going to bathe together

More insane couple scenes Rinne is at the church Anju / Matsugo ans is going to purify the Dream Demon in the satained glass but is Tied up by everybody else

Sakura falls asleep but before Rinne stops her Tsubussa says let it play out Sakura dreams pays her back money and food

Rinne see the Dream Demon in the coin jar ( which BTW is huge ) He takes the jar then everybody tries to stop him

The coins turn to sand and Rinne is sad thar Sajura feels thar way about him and he punches himself and telss Sakura it's a dream but in Rinnes hand was the Dream Demon and he crushhes it It was Sakura's set up

But since it wasnt a student from Elite Shinigami School the training continues .

RIN-NE 3 EP 69 "Nothing Inside" / "Mystery of Koshikudake Hill" / "Effect of the Matsutake Mushroom"

Sakura is just cool as the MC this season / not only that she has a better sense of whay's going on then all o the Shinagamis / Dashgamis

Sakura sees a stufent who has some of his soul / then Rinne rokumon are goinf to share a steam bun but notthing is inside / Aegha comes in with a pail of steamed buns ( she;s trying to win him over ) but they are empty too / a spirt steam bun shows up and Rinne nor Aegha can purify it as it takes off / he goes to school where the soccer yeam is about to enjoy ( steamed buns ) the spirt vasccuums them up but returns them with no meat inside The trio of Rinne / Rokumon / Aegha contiue to pursue they knock ot down with Sakuta watching then the student Harijo shows up and calls the spirt Nikutaro which he madeto promote his class selling steam buns but then changed to Stir fried noodles They purify by puuting it on Hikaro who thens brings steam buns but are empty too as made a girkfriend Anji who is now taking the meat

Sakura other students are running and come up on the steep Koshikudake Hill but A barrier keeps then from going through Tsunussa was going to purify but the students stop him since the run will be canceeled Turns out Rinne put the barrier up The Hil hasd become evil because the students depise it But Tsubussa takes the barrier allowing the spirt to take in the negatice saura and in fact Rinne is not novitasted eithe as he is wayvhing TV with it . Ogh the spirt masde tthe hill his home having the TV / Futon / Frig so funny Byt the spirt releases more aura rendering the students to be lazy Rokumon / Sajura escape to the Reidi where Rokimon has a Bouncy Soul Caspule to motivate everybody but w / o Rinne ?? Sajura has a plan

Tsubuusa has joined Rinne in being lazy But here comes the caspule as Sakura used the hill to roll it down purfying the spirt

Rinne ordered mushrooms to attrack spirts but also got Matsuake mushtooms which are expensive and Rinne thinks it's a trick to get billed but Rokuon takes them and Rinne has to go aftert him

Steamed Buns / A Mysterious PKG

Rinne gets steamed buns as a gift from his grandmother but they are empty / Then Aegha brings some over to try to win over Rinne but they are empty too

Then Sakura brings some for Rinne but are empty too then everybody see the Spirt . It was a project by a student for a festival but ramen was chosen instead So when he threw it out it was mad Eventualy Rinne send it away

RIN-NE 3 EP 70"Wings of Celebration" /"Kabakichi-kun" / "Scream of a Cassette Tape"

It starts out just funy and even better each segment

What / Matsugo turned into an angel and helps people no not really Rinne and Matsugo try ti turn him back but nnot together and different reasons However the longer Masato has Angel qualties he will become an angel /

Shoma (Shinigami Elementary) is observed by Ichigo at the Zoo trying to captuere a Hippo sprirt but actually captures Shoma Kursou ( his black cat ) his helping but quits at 5 PM

Ichigo helps by giving Shoma tools and has Rokumon helping her too!

But Ychigo starts charging double for the tools so Rinne could have allowance ( A parent is kind no matter the age )

Shoma eventually captures thanks to a parachute too but instead of money sends her a stuffed toy XD Rinne never gets a break

Hippo is wining

Just a brillant segment with old style( really not that long again ) recordings

The daily school lunch radio gets a disturbing message The Broadcast Club asks for help The msg is on an old Cassette Tape hardly used .Both Rinne and Sakura see the spirt but it leaves . Rinne takees the Cassette

BT the girls voice is Miya ( who looks like Sakura) and Otobe is the spirt

She recorde a live concert AWA ( Is that a homage for Aiwa made many cassette dexks XD )

Thing is Otobe is jealous because she went with another boy ( therir voices are recorded too! )

Otobe plays the tape at lunch nut Miwa objects and pushed the record button instead !

He tries to fix it but changes schools ands finds somebody that has the same concert and recirds and is going to give to Miwa but gets in an accident!

So they use a Sprirt Trace and they end up at Sakura's house ( Miya was her mom ) She is happy and Otobe can move on

Wait she play the tape and the boy at the concert was her First Date but wont tell Sakura if it's her father!

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Posted 9/6/17 , edited 9/7/17
RIN-NE 3 EP 71 Square Black Thing / Shortcut in the Alley

Rinne is suspected of Stealing money from the school and as he looks for the actual thief he finds that his friends have no trust in him or his poverty

Square Black Thing like The Monolith in 2001 / 2010 Space Odessy

Renge wants the SQB just for the money

Sakura from Anette's magic ball sees asn old lady turns out it 's the candy store owner who's closing for good and ther's a vending machine that will be gone Sakura suspects the box is the spirt of the machine It's true byt Rinne still has ro return the money

Shortcut in the Alley / what used to be a good shortvut now has students ending up elsewhere

Rinne's mother chart is shown as a reminder for Ichigo who is visted by Tamako ( Rinnes grandmother ) at Uchigo's school

We find out there is an old lady spirt that has a spirt path on her property Turns out her husband was popular principal at the school and allowed the students to use the short cut .

Ichigo / Sakura fins thids out as Ichigo set up a blanket with table and tea

Meanwhile Rinne who was pushed into the spirt path meets Tamako who tells him that the old lady is on the Shinagami recovery list

Turns out after her husband died the students wouldny say good morning and she had ebough w/o jer jusband so she set grass traps to trip the students

Rinne reappers but gets tripped / but Tamako is right behind and explains how she on the wanted list

The old lady tripped and died and many students were upset and cried

Tamako removes the Spirt path but Rinne discovers she put pine tar on the gate befor she died and now regets it

Later Tamako is in the Red for too many stickers / Rinne needs to be reimbursed for cleaning the gate Ichigo offers to pay as Sakura looks on on amazement of the family's money problems

RIN-NE 3 EP 72 A Ring and a Stamp / Bait at the Porch / Black Cat Childrens Association

Ageha has to stop Bijin ( sister from marrying Sabato )

Toro the Cat has to be purified along with an lady who fed her

Kuroboshi III needs more training That was insane as always with the black cats
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39 / M / Akihibra
Posted 9/7/17 , edited 9/7/17
great anime lots of fan service in ep 62
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29 / F / Oklahoma
Posted 9/15/17 , edited 9/15/17
So when is Crunchyroll getting season 3?
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Posted 9/20/17 , edited 9/21/17
RIN-NE 3 EP 73 "Good Luck Wax" / "Maneko and Kotomi" / "Where's My Money?"

The twins lose Rinne's scythe ( In for repairs ) stolen by Rinne's father becasuse Good Luck Wax on Rinne's scythe attracts coins ( Why in the 1St Place can sell The Wax Renoval Product knowing it wiil need to be removed )

Poor Renge gets knocked over by Sabato and the scythe takes her money

Sakura helps her friends Rika / Otome when a manquin / Maneko attacks Rika for buying her coat Coatomi turns out she jusy wanted Coatomi to be happy and just take a broken pin out of the collar

Kain isnt paying Rinne / other Shimagami expense money turned out it's a goat sprirt eating the vouchers Rinne gets a special goat scythe and defeats it so besides his expenses / reward he should have a nice sum wrong Kain dedected damages

RIN-NE 3 EP 74

"Supplemental Class for Fierce Dog Catching" / "Money Spirit" / "Evil Spirit's Legacy"

Ageha has to tale a supplemental class for being absent / she tries to catch one but it tricks her and Sakura deals with it

Ageha treats Rinne to a meal since she cant remember but he cant eat it vevayse Sakura / dog keep running by and lnocks Rinne head down Tuens out the dog was a human musican on his way to an audition but lost his choker got hit bu a truck and then found Aegha's xapture collar causing all kinds of havoc

The Money Sprirt wil bring wealth but then bad luck if you know it's a sprirt

"Evil Spirit's Legacy Sakura / Rika / Otome go to a popular Ramen shop but it is now haunted Trenge asks Riine for a favor turns out she works at the Ramen shop but her hours have been cut down Tyrns out it's the former owner who wants his shop back he says he has 33=0 million Yen / that's why Renge is working there to find it but Rinne wants it too they find a cash box but it empty as thought if he bought lottery tickets they be winners bit Sajura checks them nope Rinee gets a bowl of Rameb for his troubles as he bought a tool to check the spirt memory
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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
Hmmmm for this season it has been a little boring. Most of the episodes have been 3-part chapters, and made me feel as if Rumiko were bored of it
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24 / M / The outer atmoshe...
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/23/17
Welp, looks like that's it, no season four. It's too bad, I really enjoyed this show. But I suppose all good things must come to an end and all that.

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Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/24/17
Just found season 3 on hulu of all places
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31 / M / Canada
Posted 9/23/17 , edited 9/24/17
Please tell me season 3 can be viewed/watched in Canada. Because I'm ITCHING. Literally ITCHING. To continue watching through RIN-NE!
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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/24/17

Lord_Wunder wrote:

Welp, looks like that's it, no season four. It's too bad, I really enjoyed this show. But I suppose all good things must come to an end and all that.


Nowadays what gets another cour is dark magic ! I never thought there be a S3 to start with but was annouced later !

So I hope for more . the manga is ongoing !

I miss the late 90's to mid 2000 where a lot of anime were at least 24 EPS and concluded

Rinne has 75 EPS which is pretty good !
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Posted 9/24/17 , edited 9/24/17
Festive episode
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Posted 10/22/17 , edited 10/22/17
RIN-NE 3 EP 75 " A Promise in The Underworkd

Really sad to see S3 end there was a lot especially with Rinne's mom ans Sakura just being so level-headed IDK if we will ever have more anime kinda sad as this is a very overlooked show If not I guees the manga will have to read as there is no way matters are concluded.

I said the same / they were lost food sprirts

Poor Anju-San

M's plan

Gotta like Sakura's smile when she's happy especially about Rinne

Problem for M Sakura doesnt scare easily as she is uese to akk the goings on If anything she's has helped at tomes.

THE extra Ed Rinne and Sakura are alone with all kinds of food Sakura brought and Rinne almost was going to confess but the S3 cast showed up

Thanks for The Laughs / I'll miss them

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Posted 12/3/17 , edited 12/3/17
It's December now and CR still doesn't have the third season up. What's more is that Sentai has not announced any video releases for season three either. I bet if there even was a fourth season, Sentai wouldn't pick it up; claiming low viewership/low sales. Yeah, that's what happens when you take it off the most popular streaming site and overprice your physical releases. Looks like I'm off to a certain unmentionable website to actually watch this.
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