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Posted 7/8/17 , edited 7/8/17
Now that Season 2 has run its course (and I keep waiting waiting waiting for the bonus episode?), I've decided that although Season 2 was fun, it didn't quite have the same charm and appeal that Season 1 had.

I didn't read through all the prior posts, but I have a "theory" about why the previous Kaō Councils have only four members: I suspect that four was the norm until the year Ōtori was added to the council in Season 1. in the show, some folks are a little bent out of shape about it, Akatsuki for example, maybe because it "violates tradition" or something along those lines. The Season 2 Kaō Council is unknown, so I have no idea if my theory is correct.

Aside from that, it may just be that the number of members is arbitrarily flexible, who knows? The board that holds the wooden name plates does seem to have extra spots after all.
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