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Posted 4/8/17 , edited 4/8/17
Okay, I'm weird. I tend to leave series I really like on my queue and re-watch them. The problem is, since I've already watched the shows, they all jump to the last time stamp and exit the videos (amazing how fast you can go through a series only watching the last few seconds of credits). Meaning, Autoplay is now a pain in the rear (yes, I turn it off, when I remember) and I have to scrub to the start of the timeline (which has it's own issues with timestamps, and my finger on the phone). My suggestion is an End of Video marker (personally I'd like it at the start of the credits but a few seconds before the end of the video at least). This mark should reset the timestamp for the video to 0 (the start of the video) which would remove the issue.

Note: I'm not complaining about partially watched or mostly watched videos. Keep those the same and I'll fight the scrubbing issue with them (scrubbing 30 | me 15).
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