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Posted 4/9/17
Sword art online or accel world?
Comment why in the desc!

Personally i like accel world more
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Posted 4/9/17 , edited 4/9/17
Accel world is a side story to SAO in the future a few years later.
Its like compairing A Certain Scientific Railgun to A Certain Magical Index.

Accel world uses SAO stuff in its story =\

But you could compare

SAO or Accel World to

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Log Horizon
Tower of Druaga
Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon
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Posted 4/9/17
Accel World was a show about tweens and teens learning how to cope, build trust with one another through their gaming experiences in spite of real world peer pressure, preconceived fears of intimacy, social mistakes, misconceptions. It was a multi-player growth experience.

SAO started out interesting but got convoluted / diluted trying to accomplish too much. It almost boiled down to a story about 2 people: Asuna & Kirito instead of the many. With exceptions almost everyone else got minor roles, zippo character development.

I preferred Accel World over SAO because I could identify with some of their characters. As for SAO, because of his overexposure in all things in the series I can't stand Kirito's character so my enjoyment watching the show diminished greatly as each episode progressed.

Disclaimer: I'm not a gamer. I watch anime and post absurd drivel in the forums. My posted age is legit.
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Posted 4/10/17
I liked SAO better probably because I found the characters likeable. Accel World either had me annoyed with someone or just not caring about them.
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Posted 4/12/17
I prefer SAO. Some of the SAO story arcs had an emotional impact and left a lasting impression. I lost interest in Accel World early in the series and all I recall is some combat action.
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