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the chem bit isn't highlighted, but it's there and easy to see, i'll accept this, but leave it to the other judges to decide if it's acceptable as the chem reference ~Duster

~The Existence of Reality~

"Stop! Don't go near that river, I'm telling you", said Shio. "What the?! You just told me a second ago to take a closer look in the river! Then you are now telling me to back off? Baka." "OK, OK, OK. Sorry, Reiou." Reiou was still blabbering alot of words when suddenly, something invisible and furry pulled Reiou's foot. With all her might, Shio pulled the wet boy up again. Strangely enough, Reiou was laughing and smiling. 'But why?', Shio thought. When Reiou was already pulled and was already up, he suddenly put his two hands straight, pointing to Shio. Shio thought she was gonna be pulled towards the river. 'Is this why you're laughing and smiling?!?! You're dead!!' she said to herself, with gritting teeth. But she was wrong, Reiou was actually handing her a very cute dog! That was the first time they saw some 'unusual' kind of dog. Puff! Without warning, the dog disappeared, frightening Shio. Soon after, the dog reappeared. Shio was horrified by the fact that the dog appeared, disappeared and reappeared. But Reiou, who was watching those two do some weird actions, was neither surprised nor shocked at all. He was just staring at it like it was fun to watch, he was quite emotionless with a bored face. After some quiet moments, the very shocked Shio began hugging the dog like crazy, to the point that the dog almost got strangled. Then, the dog talked and said "What the hell are you doing, you murderer?!" "You see that? Even a dog can call you stupid, Sis. That's why I'm telling you to control yourself." "Hey, hey. The dog didn't call me stupid. You're the stupid one." "It's true that I didn't call you stupid but I thought you were stupid.", the dog said. Then, Reiou was laughing real hard. "Why don't we give him a name?", Shio told to Reiou. "It's troublesome." "Do you have a name? What's your breed? Is it rare?" Reiou asked the dog. "Yes, but you can call me anything you want. Feel free. Since our breed is Multi-purpose, it's not rare in this world. You can find a clan of MPD in every Graphine Plaffe.", answered the dog. "What is MPD? A Graphine Plaffe?", Reiou asked anxiously. "MPD is the abbreviated word for our breed, which is Multi-purpose dog. And, a 'Graphine Plaffe' is divided land in our world. Graphine Plaffes are formed because there are boundaries between lands." "Oh, I see.", they both said. "Let's call him Louie" Shio said quickly. "Do as you wish. I don't care what would be his name. Be it Doggie, Flower, Pinky, Cutie, or Shio. Just shut up" Reiou told his sister. "Then where do y-" Hey! It's time to wake up, guys! Breakfast is ready!

Shio was laughing silently when she remembered her dream. "A dream, huh? It was fun!" is what she said to herself. After a few minutes, she got up from her bed. Then, she woke Reiou up. She was told by Reiou that "Yes, yes. Just give me five more minutes." 'Five minutes, five minutes. There's no way I would be waiting for you to get up since your five minutes is equivalent to half an hour in this world.'

When Shio was going down for breakfast, she saw her mom, Megumi. "Good morning." "Good morning, too. What would you like to eat for breakfast? There's bread, rice, egg, bacon, ham and cereals. By the way, is Reiou still sleeping?", Megumi asked her daughter. The still-sleepy Shio told her mother that her brother is still laying in his bed comfortably like it was a fluffy cloud. After a few moments, she finally made up her mind. She answered her mother that she wants to have cereals. When she was nearly finished, she saw Reiou going down their elegant stairs. Reiou then sat in front of Shio, and ate bread.

Reiou told Shio "I saw you in my dream, sis. But it's a little bit boring." Amazed, Shio said "Really?! Wow. I saw you in my dream too. Amazing!" "Oh, OK. I see." Reiou answered in a slow tempo. With sparkling eyes, Shio asked his twin brother what that dream was. Then, Reiou answered Shio with raised eyebrows but slowly "Just wait. You are too jumpy concerning that stuff. And you can also see I'm just starting to take my breakfast."

It was already 8:30 a.m. when Reiou finished his breakfast. Shio, sitting on their sofa, approached Reiou. "Now that you are finished, tell me your dream. Then, after I could tell you my dream!" The emotionless-like and bored face of Reiou was not yet erased. The sleepy Reiou sat on their sofa, next to Shio. "OK. So, here it goes: In my dream you and I were near a river with a beautiful, green and neat background. It was a work of art. Then I was pulled by a female bunny which we named Eyce then......" Half of the dream's content was exactly like Shio's dream. Some things, events and scenes changed, like it was a male in Shio's dream while it was a female bunny in Reiou's dream. That was the start of their exceptional dreams...

After having dreams which seems meaningful to her, she decided to buy a notebook. "This would be my dream journal. I will write as many as possible." she said happily. "This would be my treasure. Instead of the usual diary, a dream journal is extraordinary. Having this kind of treasure can give laughs, thoughts, ideas and warmth everytime you will read it. You can read your past dreams which was almost forgotten! And after reading, you could still see the image of that dream....."

It is already the third week of July. They are still preparing their things for school. This time, they are entering their secondary education. They are excited to meet their new classmates since they came from another school. For their secondary education, they would be studying in Académie de l'art de France, where talented children all over the world study.

It is September 03. The start of school. The thought of a new and refreshing feeling made Shio agitated. "YEESS! A new school year! I wonder what this new school has that could turn me up. Maybe my classmates? The facilities? Teachers? Environment? Or maybe there's something bizzare! I can't wait!" After hearing those words all over again, Reiou is already annoyed. "Are you not tired of saying those words repeatedly? It's disturbing."

They arrived at around 7:30 a.m. in school. Shio and Reiou were confirmed that they were classmates. Their section is 6-A, a star section. When they arrived in their classroom, only 8 of them were there, including them. It was because their classes will start at 8:30 a.m.. They wanted to go to school early so that they could have a tour around their school.

The 5-hectare school campus was spectacular, much better than they had imagined. There are 5 school buildings, 2 gyms, a 30-meter-swimming pool and another pool, a 15 meter one. The other one is the most eye-catching of all is a building with a transparent roof where you could watch the stars at night. The building, which is called "Star-gazing eyes" due to it's eye shape, has the best position for watching the stars.

They went back in their classroom afterwards, at 8:15 am. Only 3 of them are not yet there. They are 25 in their class. The class adviser, Miss Eclaire, was already there. They greeted the teacher with a soft "Bonjour, manquez.", the French word for "Good morning, miss." They eventually sat down on their respective sits in a normal speed.

After 10 minutes all of them were already there. At exactly 8:30, the teacher introduced herself "Good morning, students. Nice to meet you all. I'm Miss Eclaire and for this school year I will be your class adviser. For the mean time, I'm going to check your attendance."

A while later, the attendance was checked. It was a normal but the name "Shozuko Fuuyuki" made her brain confused. "This seems familiar to me. Shozuko Fuuyuki?" Reiou said.

"We will now have the introduction of 6-A students. Please raise your hand if you want to familiarize yourself to others." A little while later, Reiou raised his hand. "Yes, student. Please come forward." Slowly, Reiou stood and went forward. "Good morning to all. My name is Reiou Hokumi and I'm currently 12 years old. I'm 3/4 Japanese, 1/8 French and 1/8 Filipino. Nice to meet you." This was his introductory 'speech'. After 11 students, Shio finally raised her hands. "Hello, everyone. I'm Amixia Shio Hokumi. I'm the twin sister of the first one who introduced himself, Reiou Hokumi." After this, she returned to her seat. Shozuko said the words "I finally figured them out! We're reunited!" Shozuko was excited. She can hardly wait for their break.

It was finally their 1-hour break. Shozuko went to Shio's place and said "You are Shio Hokumi, right? I'm Shozuko Fuuyuki! I'm your close friend when you were living in Italy. Too bad we parted after 2 years." Accompanied with some tears and excitement, Shio said "Wow! Are you really Shozuko Fuuyuki? Long time, no see!" After their break, Shio told Reiou about Shozuko and was quite surprised.

After the tring first day of school, the twin talked to their mother about reuniting with their childhood friend again. Megumi narrated them the story. It was like this "Before you came to school, we already know that. We met Shozuko-san's parents during your enrollment. We also have a talk about keeping this as a secret, because you might be overjoyed if you had known." The same goes for Shozuko.

It's the second day of school. It's now the time for real classes to begin. Their first class is English. Because of this subject, they had known Chiyalle Parker, a beautiful girl and is the best English speaker of all.

Their second period was already over, and it's now the time for a break. Shio and Shozuko were having a tour around the school when Shio bumped into a student. The student helped her and said "Are you OK? I'm really sorry!" Shio remembered that the girl she bumped to is her classmate. "You are Bi Yeon Ae, right? I'm Shio Hokumi, your classmate." Bi Yeon answered her and the 3 decided to walk together, and became friends. Shio introduced them to Reiou and they all became close friends.

In their Reading and Literature class, they were asked to bring the books they like for their next meeting. Shio brought a famous book. Chiyalle noticed it. She asked Shio "Can I borrow your book? I really wanted to read this because many people told me that this a beautiful book." with a smiling face. Shio, overwhelmed by Chiyalle's adorable face, lend her the book.

After Chiyalle returned the book, Shio asked Chiyalle if they can be friends. Chiyalle answered her with a cute "Yes, of course!". Shio was happy because she thought Chiyalle, the prettiest girl in class as well as the best English speaker, would ignore her.

Shio, Reiou, Shozuko, Bi Yoon and Chiyalle finally met together. They became the best of friends. One thing that is common among them is their love for Science.

It was November 25, Shio and Reiou's birthday. They invited Shozuko, Bi Yeon and Chiyalle. Their celebration was simple, but the table was full of elegant foods. Shozuko, Bi Yeon and Chiyalle arrived all together. That was the first time they went to the Hokumi household. It is big but simple and yet a pretty architecture. The Hokumi family greeted them in front of their house and let them in. Shio introduced Shozuko again to her parents, Bi Yeon and Chiyalle were also introduced. Shio introduced her mom, Megumi, her father, Ren, and her younger sister, Naomi to her friends. When they went to eat, Chiyalle told Shio "Wow! The table is full of elegant foods. This looks delicious!" "My mom prepared it. She's a head chef in a restaurant. I was invited to go there during the opening, and it was astounding. You could see the Eiffel Tower beautifully there, especially at night, that it can even melt a frozen heart." "It's a first-class restaurant, right?" Bi Yeon asked. "Yeah, somewhat." Shio answered. "Anyway, let's eat." Megumi told them. "Are you going to sleep here tonight?" Megumi asked them. "We are planning on staying here. Can we?" they told her. Megumi nodded her head and at the same time, she said "Of course! We have a big guestroom where you could sleep. After this meal, I'm going to prepare it." After they finished their meal, Shio and her friends went to their living room, while Megumi went to fix the guestroom where Shio and her friends will be sleeping.

In Hokumi's living room, they were talking about the latest happenings in their school. One of these is school field trip. The school council leaders put up a contest about guessing on where they'll be having their field trip. "It's hard. There are exactly 194 countries around the world. There is .51% chance for every country. And...." Chiyalle explained. "What?! My god, how did you know that 194 countries thingy? And that .51% chance? As expected from the most intelligent in the class." said Bi Yeon. "I did an advanced reading in Geography book. And 194 divided by 100 is almost .51 that why there is only .51% for every country." answered Chiyalle. "Don't ever mention that you've already memorized that '194' countries. I feel that I'm shrinking beside you. It's like you're the Empire State Building and I'm a mere hotdog stand!" They burst out laughing hearing those words from Reiou. "So, what's the continuation of your country-guessing 'dialogue'?" asked Shozuko. "And, the deadline is December 10, and our field trip will be on December 15. Remember." Chiyalle answered. "Wow, wow. How did you know that kind of stuff? We haven't heard of it yet." Shio asked. Then Reiou answered "Didn't you know that she is a student council member? You are best of friends for already 2 months and yet you didn't know? You're the worst friend she can ever have." Chiyalle then silently laughed. "I haven't told her that. Sorry, Shio." Chiyalle said. "I have an idea! Let's give suggestions tomorrow morning. Then, we'll stick with most number of suggestions." Bi Yeon recommended. "Yeah, that's a very good idea! Then, if we can guess correctly, we'll divide the prize for each of us who suggested that country." Shio told them. "Yes, yes. I just finished fixing the guestroom. You can now sleep.", said Megumi, who seemed to appear from nowhere. Surprised, Shio told her mom "You've frightened us. I thought there was a ghost speaking. Good thing I saw you." "Anyway, let's go to sleep early so we can think about the field trip. Early to bed, early to rise. And the early bird catches the country." Shozuko said. "It's the first time I saw Shozuko saying some 'proverbs'." Bi Yeon said. "Yes, yes. But, let's sleep now." Reiou said. After their discussion, they all went to sleep.

"Where are we?" Reiou asked. "I think we are in Norway. These kinds of geographical scenes belongs to Norway, I think." Chiyalle answered, in a confident manner. "God, it's so beautiful here. I never imagined Norway is this beautiful." Shio said. "Yup, it has a high position in international rankings. They are mostly in the first place." Chiyalle told them. "But winter in Norway is very cold. Brrrrr..", Shozuko said, with goosebumps already. "Anyhow, let's tour this place. I also think this so beautiful." Bi Yeon commented. "Yes, let's go around this astounding country. W-wait, I think we can fly!" Shio said. "It's real! I can also fly!" they all said. After taking the tour flying, they were exhausted. "It's very tiring, but at least we get the chance to explore the deeper side of Norway. And, it's free. We only needed to fly. That's all. No tickets whatsoever." said Shio. "But the one that really amazed me is the Borgund stave church. I think it was built by the end of 12th century, that's what they say. I really don't have an idea about it." Bi Yeon told them. "For me, it was the Mardalsfossen that left me almost speechless. It is high but it's very eye-catching. You could hear the sound of the gushing water and also the falling ones." Shozuko said. "I have a different opinion. I think the most breathtaking of all is the Scandinavian mountains. I heard it was the most defining feature of the country." Chiyalle said. "I oppose. Jyseflord is the most beautiful." Shio said. "Idiot, it is Lysefjord. But I can't blame you because nobody is perfect. As for me, I choose Preikestolen. It's natural beauty attracted me. The rock formation is fantastic." Reiou told them. "We have may have different opinions but they are all in Norway. The Norway itself is splendid. I think this will be my bet for the competition." Chiyalle said. "So, it's not only me who's thinking of making this country as the bet for the contest.", said Reiou.

'AAHHHHHH! My brother is drooling!', Naomi said. "Eh?!" Reiou said. "You've been fooled! I'm just trying ways to wake you up since it's almost breakfast. Mother is already preparing it." Naomi stated. "I was startled. Whew. I thought there was fire, not the drooling thing." Shozuko said. After resting in the bed for a few more minutes, they went down for breakfast.

After taking breakfast, they went to the living room and talked about the bet. They wrote down theirs on a piece of paper, which they will put in a box. "I was gonna write Sahara desert just a while ago." Reiou said. "Let's take a look at the votes." Chiyalle told them. Unsurpringsingly, they all voted for Norway. "I can't believe we all voted for Norway. Why did you chose Norway?" Shio asked. "Because of a dream last night. I was in Norway and having a tour there flying. We even have different opinions for the best places." Shozuko stated. "My dream was exactly like that. Very very much alike." Bi Yeon said. "Me too. I think we shared a dream!" Shio said. With mixed feelings, they talked about their dream, and just like Bi Yeon said, they're exactly alike. They then decided to buy their own dream journal so that they could keep track of their dreams.

In the afternoon, Shozuko, Bi Yeon and Chiyalle went back home. The Hokumi's household was more quiet than before the 3 went home. But they are happy because they shared a beautiful dream and they all agreed to place the bet in Norway.

When they submitted their guess for the competition, they were nervous. They submitted it as a group, which means that the prize would be divided unto them. And, their guess was correct. The prize: you have 25% discount in the expenses for the field trip.

After having shared dreams often, Chiyalle called them out for a 'meeting'. "I just realized the pattern of our shared dreams. We have shared dreams for 4 days a week, anonymous days. The 4th dream always comes true or maybe, true to life. If one person gets woken up, it'll be over. It will be the end of our dream."

It is now the night of December 11th, four days left before their field trip. It is their 4th shared dream this night. This is their dream: all about the universe. The facts, causes, effect and others. "I think we are on the outer space." Bi Yeon said. " Come guys, let's go to that galaxy. I'm pretty interested." said Reiou. That galaxy is called Pinwheel Galaxy. Don't you think it's cute?" Shozuko excitedly encouraged them. They entered the Pinwheel Galaxy. They saw that many planets are orbiting the stars like our Solar System. Let's enter that pink planet. I love pink!"Shio said. Reiou suddenly yelled,"Yuck! I hate pink! Why on Ear... Space did you like that? It's like,..yuck!" Everyone chuckled. Then they entered the planet. "Eeh?! Who are they? They're like aliens1 I mean they're totally aliens!" Shozuko was surprised. "Wow, they are crazy cute! They are cuter than our dog Miggy! And cuter than Reiou..." Shio teased Reiou. "Aaahh, Mingies. How did you get here? What are you doing here? Are you here to invade our place?" said the alien, surprising Shio and her friends. "No, no. We are not planning something like invasion. We just want to explore the depths of your planet. Its color attracted me to this place. No invasion, that's for sure. Don't worry. I was even thinking of making you as my tour guide because we're like 'tourists'." explained Shio. "Whew. I'm so surprised that you guys can speak in English!" Chiyalle said. " I think that Mingies-thing means aliens, right?" Shozuko whisphered to them. They all agreed. "Before anything else, can you describe what kind of thing are you? It's the very first time in our history to have such visitors like you. You look so ugly. Can't you see? We are the real beauty of this world!" the alien told them. After hearing those they are like "My god. We are ugly? If you'll go on our place, your the ugliest of them all!" Then, pretending that they were not pissed, Chiyalle spoke up and said "Our race is called 'human'. We live in a planet called by it's 'citizens' as Earth. The Earth is sometimes called the Blue Planet or the Living Planet. It's also the first we met somebody, something or someone outside our very own planet. Most of us there believed that there are no possible existence for living things outside the Blue Planet. But recently, there are some reports saying that there are really extraterrestrial things inside the Earth. Some people believed that they may occupy our planet. By the way, extraterrestrial, often followed by the word 'life', is our term equivalent to Mingies in your place." "So, that's how it is. But can you ensure the safety of our planets from the likes of you. I think the atmosphere changed when you came here." the alien said. "What I can say for now is, it very safe right now from us. But I can't say that I'm sure of the other humans. They might be interested to go to your planet and invade. Rest assure right now and please let us have a tour around here." Chiyalle said. After the aliens allowed them to have a tour, they were proud because they are the first human in the world history to explore an extrasolar planet. Some things they know were changed. Some things people believed in were not true. After going in the Pink Planet,they are now exploring the outside of the universe. Then, they saw a black hole. "A black hole is like this? I didn't know about it." Reiou said. "Why don't we go around it? Or make ourselves be sucked by it?" Bi Yeon suggested. "I think so too. Let's put our life on the line to explore this thing that made us crazy for years." Shio said. They all said OK. They are now readying theirselves for they will make themselves sucked by it. Then, they discovered that a black hole is actually connected to another dimension full of other galaxies of different sizes and shapes! Another discovery is that the things that got sucked into the black hole is used for making another small galaxy. The black hole will disappear but will reincarnate again as a dwarf star. After making some worthwhile tour around the black hole, they explored the Solar System. Together, they made a theory about the origin of the planets. And this what their theory looks like: The Sun is already there before the planets were there. The nearest heavenly body is a collapsed star. Because of the Sun's strong gravity, the pieces of stars were slowly pulled towards the Sun. Unfortunately, as it goes nearer the Sun, a belt of asteroid from another place was also attracted by the strong gravity. They collided and there was a loud explosion. From that explosion, the planets were formed. Krrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnggg! KKKrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnngg! The alarm clock woke Bi Yeon up. It was already 6:30 and she might be late from school.

After their field trip, after months, there was a topic in their Science about galaxies. They were asked to make their own theory about the origin of planets, about black holes, the size of the whole universe or anything they want as long as it's related. They were asked to form a group of their own, wherein you can choose the members you want. Of course, the five teamed up for this activity.

They explained the details of their theory about the origin of the planets and it surprised the teacher. It is true that the Sun is older than the planets and scientists said that there was a star near the Sun that was collapsing and was sucked by the black hole, but not all. This made the scientist think where the other parts of the star were. Some rocks from our planet has the same age as that collapsed star. The teacher then told the principal about it.

Their theory now reached the ears of a scientist. The scientist told them "I think your theory is amazing. We are confused of these kind of things. No one exactly knows the origin, but yours has the greatest conclusion. I'll report this to our organization."

After it was reported, the theory became famous. "Why don't we arrange a press conference for them? This will be better for them to have the detailed explanation." "Shall we? I also think this is one of the great chance for them. Only few of the modern students today even care about the alphabet, and this is really a good blessing." a scientist told them.

The school also agreed to that press conference. They decided it to be done after 3 days. After a student heard it, she looked for Shio. This particular student was always jealous of Shio. The day before the pres conference, the student saw Shio, with her dream journal on her hand. The student said "Hello! Could you please come here?" After Shio came to her, she grabbed the dream journal and threw it in a nearby well. Shio ran for it. While looking for it, she lost her balance and fell in the well. Unfortunately, the well has no water yet. Another student saw the incident. He immediately called a teacher. Shio was saved. When Shio was in their school clinic, she woke up and said hello to the people around her. "Thank goodness, she didn't have amnesia." a nurse said. "What happened to me?", asked Shio. "You fell from a waterless well. Good thing a student was looking at you when you were in the well. Please take care of yourself so that you could prepare yourself for the press conference tomorrow." Shozuko said. "What press conference?", asked Shio "The press conference about our theory. Remember?", Reiou said. "What theory? I don't know any theory we made!" Shio confessed. All were nervous. An amnesia.

Only 5 hours left before the press conference. They already said to the principal that Shio can't come. On the other hand, Shio is still resting in the school clinic. She found a notebook placed on a table. She read it. My Dream Journal is the title. Is this my dreams? She thought. "Galaxies?" Shio said. "OH MY GOD! I FINALLY REMEMBERED THE THEORY!" Shio shouted. Chiyalle heard it and told it to her friends.

Shio participated in the press conference, although a little injured. It was successful.

After many years, that ideology surpassed the Big Bang theory.

The names Amixia Shio Hokumi, Reiou Hokumi, Chiyalle Parker, Shozuko Fuuyuki and Bi Yeon Ae were added in the history. They became one of the popular young scientists. Even after those obstacle, they still manage to have peaceful shared dreams, which is still kept as a secret from the others.
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