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Posted 4/11/17

any victim of vandalism here ?

there's an increase in vandalism around here lately..

It was dark and i didn't think much about it until i saw the house after they took off..

3 punks took off in a truck a few days after they vandalized a neighbor's house with toilet papers and eggs

if they can get away from the little things.. I'm sure things will escalate from there
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The Grand Line
Posted 4/11/17
About 8 years ago when I was living in the south a couple of dumb-ass kids from down the street stuck a bunch of firecrackers into my parents mailbox... blew a hole clean through the back.
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Posted 4/11/17 , edited 4/11/17
I live in downtown Minneapolis. Tons of vandalism.

"Taggers", graffiti artists, rude skateboarders, drunk morons from St. Paul leaving 1st Avenue kicking over trash cans, kids from the suburbs or North side breaking windows or trespassing ... it goes on endlessly. The Minnesota youth have almost no respect for other people's property.

"Minnesota nice" is a lie.
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Posted 4/12/17
I'll every now and then see someones tree covered in toilet paper. A few years ago, someone took a marker and drew a wavy line from the front of my truck all the way across to the end. I saw along the neighborhood that someones else's vehicle got tagged as well, so I wasn't the only one. Luckily, I was able to get it off no problem, but still I couldn't understand why someone would do that.
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