Crunchyroll Membership Question
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Posted 4/12/17
Hello, I've been a crunchyroll member for quite some time. and i have noticed something which i believe to be an error. I canceled my membership completely (not just canceling the recurring payment but the membership itself) It was canceled before the next payment was due for the next month. It was canceled on March 20th. it sent me to the conformation page of it being canceled and i was reverted to a "Free Member". I don't know why i didn't realize this till now but I have a pending charge in the Current and future memberships.

2017-04-03 Visa: **14 $6.95 Premium Membership - 1 Month Renewal Pending

(blurred out the other 2 numbers for my visa just in case. I will provide if necessary)

I received no attempted payment onto my card or bank account. (No pending, no denied, no rejected, no completed)
And now it says my next billing date is May 4th, 2017

Membership Type: Premium Member Premium Member
Recurring: Yes
Payment Method: (SPP) Credit Card
Billing Rate: $6.95 monthly
Billing Cycle: 30 Days
Next Billing Date: May 4, 2017

Now I am concerned that it is going to charge me for 2 months. Even though I did not approve and inf act canceled my membership and it automatically Re-instated.

I would like my Premium Membership To be canceled, Membership and Recurring membership. I would also like the halt of the "pending payment" and or a refund to my account when it takes money out of my account.

Thank you,
Chris R.
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Posted 4/12/17
Closed because this is a Site Support question and it's already been posted there.
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