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Posted 4/13/17
I've gotten hooked on Japanese dramas including Always the Two of Us, Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia's Case Files, and Crazy for You.
Why do these series end after only 1 season?

Are most dramas written to finish in 11 episodes, or are they like some American shows that can be renewed indefinitely if their ratings are good - and these just weren't popular?
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Posted 4/16/17 , edited 4/16/17
It has nothing to do with popularity. From what I understand J-Dramas often have finite life spans. Once the story is done it's done.

My wife watches J-Drama all the time that were both extremely popular and well received in Japan, yet only ran for 1 season.
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Posted 4/19/17
A TV "season" in Japan is three months long. Shows regularly run between 9 to 12 episodes. A show normally is around 11 episodes long. If it's super popular they do 12 episodes or an SP (like a TV movie) to extend the story and/or a movie (shows like ROOKIES and Assasination Classroom come to mind).

Then if it exceeds their expectations in popularity, they make a 2nd season (or more) like Gokusen and Hana Yori Dango.

Of course there's long-running shows (meaning, being on air for more than two years) like Aibou, Kinpachi Sensei or Doctor X that just seem to renew yearly due to it being so popular it had become a staple on TV.

The above applies to drama running after the news in the evening. They have daytime soaps in Japan too that run daily for a year in the afternoons like Ama-chan, for example, then the weekly historical dramas on Sundays. Both run for an entire year.

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