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Nintendo is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition
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Posted 4/27/17 , edited 4/27/17

TheRPGFan wrote:

I'm personally indifferent about it. I'll just emulate the games on my PC, and if I wanted the real thing, I'll buy the real NES (which is ironically cheaper than what the NES Classic goes for online), or one of those clone devices, like the RetroN 5, or the Analogue NT/NT mini, if I wanted superior image quality for NES games.

The target audience for the NES Classic is for anyone who wants to play NES games officially and doesn't care about them being emulated, can't/won't emulate them on their own, can't afford buying them individually on the Virtual Console or afford more than sixty dollars (or hundreds, if you look at the online prices) to do so; all rather oddly specific situations to be in to be in the market for one of those things. While it's a shame that a decent product is being removed from shelves after a few months, it's not like the product was that much better than the others.

If you really want to play those games and don't care about it being emulated, just emulate them yourself on your own computer: the developers for those games have either moved on to their newer products or no longer participating in videogame development (or in the case of entire companies, left the industry or even stopped existing). You won't cut into their salaries by doing so, and it saves you money.

Yah. I use my Nvidia Shield with Super GNES and such. Or, ZSNES on linux. Toggle frameskip for hyper-grinding in the RPGs.

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Posted 5/1/17 , edited 5/1/17
and here it is

$250.. you can get an xbox one or ps4 bundle.. or might as well pay $50 more for the switch

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Posted 5/1/17 , edited 5/2/17
Honestly, I really really think Amazon should straight up block "Just launched" sellers from even trying to pull shit like this.
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Posted 5/2/17 , edited 5/2/17
Nintendo is inscrutable. My own speculation is that they announced the cancellation of the NES Classic just prior to the new 2DS clamshell, so they're opting for sustainable sales with that, rather than the NES Classic. I would have liked to get the Classic, but I still have my original working NES, so it's no real loss. Would have been nice to use HMDI rather than composite video.

What I also find inscrutable are people who assume that Nintendo is getting something out of people reselling these for $500. Seriously?

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Posted 5/5/17 , edited 5/6/17
even Gamestop jacked up the price of the bundle they got

if there are people out there willing to buy then why not ?

the same with the housing market and other things that you can earn money on.. it's just business

Nintendo likes the attention.. especially when their products are selling 3-4x the msrp
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