The Last Jedi Trailer Discussion
Posted 4/14/17 , edited 4/14/17
For anyone who doesn't know, today, during the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration, the trailer for the next Star Wars movie had been released. On this thread, we can discuss and debunk it. Feel free to share your thoughts and theories!

I personally feel that it looks like a good enough trailer and it is enough to get me super super hyped but I feel like with the Star Wars reputation, it isn't necessarily doing justice to what I feel like the movie will be.
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Posted 4/18/17
It was definitely a good first trailer. I'm really glad that it didn't seem to show off many major story moments, like most trailers seem to do anymore. I think the only problem I had with it was that it really had an Empire Strikes Back feel to it. As much as I love that one, I really don't want them to just constantly rehash whats already been done.
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Posted 4/19/17
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Posted 4/24/17 , edited 4/25/17
I'm kind of curious if Hamill's lines are a red herring, to be taken at face value, or a precursor for a new order of force users.
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Posted 9/6/17
OP nuked~
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