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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/25/17
This week's episode does a great job of showcasing the fight scenes with execution and fluidity
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20 / M / Winnipeg, MB.
Posted 4/30/17
Okay so am I the only one who thinks Ban looks way less young than he should? He looks exactly the same as he does in Astro Boy. Also, does anyone remember if Ochanomizu and Tenma were ever mentioned as having this kind of relationship as students in the original Astro Boy? I definitely remember that they were shown to have known each other as adults but I don't recall them ever mentioning having been lifelong friends ever before. Ocanomizu also seemed way older than Tenma originally, but here they look like they're the same age. So is this an actual prequel or is it like Gundam where the events sort of line up with the original but you're supposed to assume it's an alternate universe? It's annoyingly confusing.

Anyway, this episode was fun as is anytime we see our main characters progress on their research but the mystery wasn't really interesting especially since there weren't really any significany hints to foreshadow the conclusion.

Next episode looks like a festival episode which is usually a highlight of any school based series. It's a bit odd to have it so early in the series but I'm definitely interested.
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Posted 5/11/17
Atom: The Beginning EP 1 "Birth of the Mighty Atom" /EP 2 "Bewusstsein"


I am an expericned fan of Astro Boy watching in the Sixties and happy to see a prequel A little shaky at first but ut got good real fast!

EP 2 "Bewusstsein"

Still OK

OP is good / "Kaidoku Funo"(Indecipherable) by After the Rain

The ED has cool art / "Hikari no Hajimari"(The Beginning of the Light) by Yoshino Nanjo

Atom: The Beginning EP 3 "Pursuing the Respective Leads"

IT was OK

Atom: The Beginning EP 4 Welcome to Nerima U Festival

IT had some moments but was flat for most of the EP I do like Ran

I am looking for blame The original writers have not only Atom / AStro Boy / also Birdy Decode / Patlabor / Blackjack

Having 2 Directors one with lots of anime the other with mostly Pyscho Pass os it a good mix ?

Another problem the VA Cast seems flat that goes back to the director !

I think the biggest problem Production I.G, has let an subsidary Oriental Light and Magic ( OLM ) whiich has done more mature themes but mostly younger audience anime

I am not posting all the references but they are here
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 5/28/17 , edited 5/28/17
Hmmm. No episode up (yet?) from Amazon today, and I think it usually goes up on Saturdays. Guess it could be a scheduled week off, but I'm too lazy to really try to find out. This is my fun Sunday morning with coffee and breakfast sandwich show, and I miss it.
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Posted 6/18/17
Atom: The Beginning EP 5 Step on it! Maruhige Shipping

I am glad it got away from the siily stuff as this EP turned out great!

Atom: The Beginning EP 6 Lab 7's Annihilation!

Pride battle

Motoko VA Mikako Komatsu a busy 2017 season I am impressed

Atom: The Beginning Motoko Tsutsumi
Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Season 2 Shinnosuke
Eromanga Sensei Ayame Kagurazaka
Fuuka Sara Iwami
Hand Shakers Kodama
Natsume's Book of Friends 6th Season Kaoru Sonokawa Episode 8
Nyanko Days Rou
Re:Creators Selesia Upitiria
Sakura Quest Sanae Kouzuki
Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2 Rose
Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e Mio Ibuki

Atom: The Beginning EP 7 "Han & princess Teru"

A rescue Robot but the Club members feel Ran is too advance for them . Not angry but jusy not working out when Hiroshi visiys with 106 . Makota Hiroshi the girsls advice During the contest Teru does well but gradually the rescue area was meant to collaspe at the end . Ran's clum mates want to try a diifferent profram whem Teru's configuration couldnt stand the stress usiin whatever the club could find / but but not alloys or carbom fiber It works and Teru is close but had to be resced by 106 After a lenghty discuusion by the officauls Ran's club wasd the winner but declined . Ran asks her clun mates about the program and they thought she was mad but was pleased. Makota offers then a celebration and calls Ran by her nickname wqhich the clubmembers didnt know after Ran says OK to use jer nickname she smiles Just a great EP

Atom: The Beginning EP 8 Robot Wrestling

106 saved this EP with his A.I. and skills

Atom: The Beginning EP 9 "Six is Unfit to Fight"

106 is accepted by most of the other robot teams / but he has a problem an important rare expensive power part got fried.

The supply houses are out of stock / or not until the next day but a rival loans them the part.He wins but the overheated but Dr, they nemisis senr them the right part however in the end 106 is talking to Mars Dr Lolo robot
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55 / M / East Coast
Posted 7/18/17
Atom: The Beginning EP 10 "Battle Royal"

This barely made a noteworthy EP

DR Lolo issues a challenge to all with MARS

Mars easily defeats the other challengers

MARS is reallt being tesyed for the Military Next is 106

The ultimate robot battle is here! The faceoff between Dr. Lolo and Umataro is on. Who will come out the victor?

Atom: The Beginning EP 11 "A Dialogue"

This EP was a big improvement over the last one.

106 wants to talk to MARS

The final showdown between Mars and Six begins. Which robot will come out on top "

As the fans turn against Mars one of Dr Lolo's assitants knock off all the streaming online

106 loses an eye but gives Mars a hammer punch which surprises Dr Lolo

My ? why would 106 stiil try talking to Mars now even after his arm is ripped off

106 is sliced in half and even 106 knows he is done and says to Mars I guess this the end and all alone but Mars has been listening and replies nonsense as he much feel the same way and looks like an overlaod and collaspes to the shock of everybody

Dr Lolo had no class leaving but Umataro was even a bigger jerk gloating after confronting her

Still 106 is in very poor shape !

Atom: The Beginning EP 12 Beginning

That was an amazing EP

A new 106 is ordered to throw out the damaged 106 but says that is me and remembers the fight.

The old 106 had his memory wped but still remebers everything

Umataro and Hiroshi are fighting over whether to restore / rebuild / scrap 106 but later Umataro remembers all 106 has done for him.

So Umataro creates 107 which looks like 106 and Hiroshi is invited in as he made 106 successful too Kinda sad as 106 looks to be left behind

Then as dust coolects on 106 he has a dream ? talking to F14 when Mars kills him

Later Ran is angry as Hiroshi has done nothing to repair him while she cleans him up She fixes his hips

Later Makoto observes more activity in 106 memory and Hiroshi finds the short range transmiision and then then one back he knows they have talking to each other a big discovery

Later 106 visions must have been dreams as he is repaired and can sense emotions as when is crying to see him back but much improved

As he tests his lauanch he sees something flying in the sky ( premontion ?) ( Astro Boy ) and says this is the begining

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