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Posted 4/15/17 , edited 4/15/17
A big topic in the anime community is. Is Sword Art Online good or bad?

Well my self I enjoyed SAO (Sword art Online) but.. yes it does have many flaws. Like Kirito he doesn't have a lot of back story like his mom or dad. Or who tries to beat a MMO? I think Reki Kawahara could have done a lot more research on MMORPGs. But with the new movie I think Reki Kawahara listening to the community and every thing was a lot better.
I don't think SAO needs the hate that it gets. Alot of people jump on the hate train to be cool. Well thats my opinion what's yours?
Posted 4/15/17 , edited 4/15/17
Ive watched sao 1 and 2 and the movie and its real good, I really recommend giving it a shot. Kirito lives with his cousin btw. Personally I enjoyed It and i rate it a solid 4/5. Not do in depth, but it wont hurt to watch the anime.
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Posted 4/15/17 , edited 4/15/17
Well, to be honest, I had problems with Kirito's portrayal. Especially in the "fight" against Sugou. I think he is a depraved lunatic who should be put down, in all honesty, but the fight was purposely one sided, for no reason than to exact a vengeance against Sughou, which includes turning the pain meter to the max, and slowly hacking away, ending with multiple bisections and an eye stab.

People tell me that Kirito leveled the playing field by giving Sugou excalibur, but that is bullshit. He would not have entered that fight if he thought Sugou could have won. It is the humiliation handicap for the sole purpose of humiliation, no different than Momonga not using magic on the girl he bear hugged to death. This is both gratuitous and just about torture.

In any case, the pain was great enough that Sugou went blind in one eye. The only reason I can think anyone would not mind is that Sugou is downright villainous, but also the lack of gore in an online game. I felt that if one looks past that to similar injuries, it would be terrifying. In essence, if Kirito did this...

and essentially, he did, would anyone of us be cheering for him? Gore aside, the pain was very much real. There is essentially nothing wrong with his eye, it just stopped working because of the max ten setting Kirito himself enabled, which is said to rival that of real life.

Combined with Kirito's friendliness with mass murdering psycho Kayaba, who killed Sachi, I have to wonder the difference. Is Kayaba praised for his intelligence? Fuck, who cares at this point? This is not just a racist old opinion of my grandpa who was raised in another era, he was responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 people that he imprisoned to fulfill his sick desires.

I think the praise train for Kayaba should stop there.

I am not sure. Kirito seems establish as a typical hero, then he does this shit. I would not care if it were The Punisher, who is known to do this, and is portrayed in a fairly dark tone. It is just one thing to play happy, inspiring music during an act of brutality. In any case, I am not saying that I do not want Sugou or similar dead, I just do not want Kirito or similar protagonists to dirty their hands unnecessarily or without proper context and development.
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Posted 4/17/17 , edited 4/17/17
A short answer: YES!

A long answer: as a whole, the show is great, though some of its arcs are pretty bad. My favorite arcs, going from my favorite to my least favorite, are: Mother Rosario, Gun Gale Online, Aincrad, Calibur, Fairy Dance (because, let's just be honest with our selves: that arc is pretty pathetic). As for the movie (Ordinal Scale), it is AMAZING! I went to see it on its opening night in the US and it was great! It basically was Kawahara-San's answer to everything SAO fans wanted to see, not to mention, it got us hyped for SAOIII with the post-credit scene. I saw it subbed, and I'm planning to see it again dubbed if it comes to FL.
As for subs vs dubs, I suggest you watch BOTH like I did. They are both pretty good, though the Japanese is definitely better (which is strange coming from me, considering I am a dubbed sort of guy). There is some great talent on the English dub (Cherami Leigh, Bryce Pappenbrook, Michele Ruff, Cassandra Lee Morris), but if a show takes place in Japan, I like to watch it in the language that the characters would actually be speaking (for instance, I watch Fairy Tail in English because they're in a fantasy land and the English acting for that show is GREAT).
Overall, SAO is a great show if you can just get past the Fairy Dance arc. I also highly suggest you read the light novels (Volume 10 comes out in the US tomorrow!!). It will allow you to read Kawahara-San's original work, not to mention you can read into Season 3 before it actually becomes and anime.
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Posted 5/19/17 , edited 12 days ago
RE: PeripheralVisionary

I dunno..

I'll grant you that it was a graphic scene not only by what was shown but what was implied, but I would argue that Kirito's actions were not only believable but more honorable than I can imagine myself or anyone being in his shoes.

**SPOILERS** (assuming any of you haven't seen it already)

If someone kidnapped my wife for months then after I was finally able to reunite with her this same individual incapacitated me and proceeded to sexually assault her with the clear/spoken intent of raping her - right in front of me, I wouldn't have given this individual a weapon to defend himself with AND would have spent a lot more time than Kirito did chopping the sob into tiny pieces before ending him.

The fact that Kirito showed restraint in the parking lot after being ambushed rather than doing a repeat of what had transpired in ALO maybe 30 minutes prior shows that Kirito, while certainly a flawed individual, is not a deranged psycho.
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Posted 5/19/17 , edited 5/20/17
I enjoyed the first season the best, but I think it is good. Haven't seen the movie yet.
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Posted 5/13/18 , edited 5/13/18

Watch Sword Art Online Abridged (SAO Remaster)

It has Characters Development.

It has a better reason for than being trap inside the game.

It does not turn into a harem.

Kirito is likeable.
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Posted 5/23/18 , edited 5/24/18
Sword art online is the only show i re watched 3 times. It's special.
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Posted 12 days ago , edited 12 days ago
Its goooooood.

I agree with Malovi-vv everything done is totally justified and especially after everything Kirito goes through..... i think i would of done the same or more.

Can never understand the hate toward SAO, i think it really is such an amazing show and have re watched it all multiple times would recommend to anyone.

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Posted 11 days ago , edited 11 days ago
intresting lol
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