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Posted 4/15/17
So, in February, my brother fell ill with leukemia and later was in a stroke induced coma for some time. As a result of that, I currently have anxiety, PTSD, and depression. I really enjoy watching anime, but due to tough family struggles I had to drop my membership and had little time to watch anime. I was wondering what are some good shows from summer and spring 2016 that would be recommended to me (or some hidden gems from previous years)? I like light hearted shows, love stories, fighting/martial arts, and comedy shows. I would like a show that is fast paced preferably, since my mental illnesses make it hard for me to concentrate, and I can't focus if things get too slow. Thanks to any of you that respond to this, as it was not easy for me to type
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Posted 4/16/17
if you like fast paced like me check out occultic;nine not so much lighthearted but it's an underappreciated masterpiece imho

a good comedy is Rin-ne fast paced and silly i loved it of course if you never saw it i recommend Konosuba.

Now this next one is probably a bad suggestion as you have PTSD and depression ( i have depression) but check out Grimgar fantasy and ash...whilst it's not cheerful it's sad and honestly though to watch at times the main premise behind it aside from story is coping with grief and sadness i found that extremely helpful when i was suicidal so whilst im not sure about you it may help in some way but i was on edge of suggesting this as you did say cheerful and you have ptsd but my reasoning is as said.

for romance i suggest ORANGE also RE:Zero isn't light hearted but it's good fighting wise and not a hidden gem but one of the best of 2016 in many peoples opinions
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