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Posted 4/16/17 , edited 5/1/17
I remember that it was I think, an anime movie that aired in the Philippines at night a few years ago. From what I remember, it has different stories on it, like a compilation of stories.

One story that we finished watching(before we were sent to bed) was about a magical doll that grants wishes. The doll looked like a little girl with long hair and was wearing a dress(that's all I can remember about her).

It's plot involves this guy who loves someone but that girl is getting married. The girl didn't seem too happy cause there are a lot of differences between her and the guy she's getting married too especially about their future together but the girl is okay with the whole marriage.

The main guy has the same dream or opinion as the girl he likes about their futures but he knew that the girl is gonna get married and supports her for it.

The ending was, the main guy and the girl's fiancee are on a car and was driving on a road that I think is a dangerous path (like a near a cliff) and the magical doll was at the passenger's seat (I don't remember how but they actually left to get the doll). Then an accident took place and both guys are injured. The main guy is still conscious and the doll spoke to him and asked him for a wish.

He wished for the happiness of the girl he loves and he passed out. When he woke up, he was in the hospital and the girl was there too... worried about him then he later found out that he switched bodies with the girl's fiancee and now his real body (along with the fiance's soul) is dead and he can now marry the girl.
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Posted 5/10/17
I ended up searching "magical doll grants wishes anime married fiance" in google and couldn't find it so it must be obscure as hell. I'm bumping on the chance somebody might see it and recognize it but I'd recommend asking on MAL. They have more hardcore anime fans and anime fans in general on there so there's a greater chance somebody might recognize it.
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