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Posted 4/19/17 , edited 4/19/17
So, i'm paying premium membership for watching anime and avoid piracy and all that. I wanted to watch My Hero Academy as I already watched the first season in CR (I live in Chile) and now I find myself unable to do so because it is not available in my region. I can't even watch the first season (which again, I had already seen in CR, WHILE living in the exact same house).

I also found that CR has to pay rights for every region so yeah, im sure it might be a bit expensive and whatnot. But seriously? CR won't show a high grossing anime on some region (or not pay rights for it, idk) but still will display anime with crappy art or not as a relevant story for fans? This might come as whinning, but as far as I'm concerned people who sell a lot of something will try to sell more of it and not the other way around.

Can I get an explanation on this please? If not, does anybody else know of other safe streaming site? (Not sure if I should be asking this here, but I'm sick of downloading torrrents which will only last a few hours in my computer or streaming sites with endless popups)
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Posted 4/19/17 , edited 4/19/17
You seem to be accessing from an US IP at times. Are you using a proxy?
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