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CIA, FBI launch manhunt for leaker who gave top-secret documents to WikiLeaks
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Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/20/17

Rujikin wrote:
Your trying so hard to discredit me by claiming conspiracy while at the same time pushing the Russian conspiracy. You must miss the cold war so badly your making up delusions about Russia.

Say it with me. The cold war is over! Putin preferring one candidate over another is not a Russian conspiracy.

.....right....making up delusions about Russia. Me and the entire American intelligence community.

Dude, you could at least try and pretend you're somewhat anchored in reality.
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Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/20/17
It's not surprising that the leak at issue would lead to investigation of insiders, because as I recall insiders were the primary suspects from the outset.
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