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Posted 4/19/17 , edited 4/19/17
If you were a Phantom Thief and could change anybody's heart in the real world, who'd it be and why? It can be a politician, a celebrity, a CEO, anyone.

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Posted 5/11/17 , edited 5/11/17
It really is a case by case thing and how it affects me on certain days. I've discussed this before with a variety of answers.

Right now, I would have to say a family member.

I know there are larger scale schemes and such, and I could be Machiavellian with it...but this answer is just due to certain events
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Posted 5/15/17 , edited 5/16/17
I wouldn't mind if it were my boss that way I could get a pay raise and a promotion!
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Posted 7/20/17 , edited 7/20/17
So god damn cliché I know, But I'd change my mother's heart as she so desperately needs it.
A bit like A certain character in the game
my mother is also distorted due to personal loss and pain.
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Posted 7/22/17 , edited 7/22/17
Never played the game, does it work the other way as well?

If so I'd go to every politician and executive board and change whatever they're storing in their chests for a heart. It can't make things worse.
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Posted 7/22/17 , edited 7/23/17
Wouldn't help me now. Maybe 6 years ago though.
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Posted 7/22/17 , edited 7/23/17
One question for some clarification

Is it one time use? Once per person? Or unlimited?

Once, I'd probably save it, never use it but act knowing I can use it if needed, and then waste it someday on something relatively small. One of those stories the kid tells 20 years later about a random guy who changed his life

Per Person and I'd probably try for a political shift. Not revolution, but some major shifts. The problem would be distance. I'm assuming there are conditions for use and the chances of me getting within 50 ft of anyone really important is limited
Or it would be without this power

Either obtain as close to godhood as I can
Or just an extreme version of using it once
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