Astral World in Berserk (and other mangas)
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Posted 4/20/17 , edited 4/20/17
I just reached a chapter where the group meets up with the witch who explains about the astral world, where all fairy tale creatures, trolls, etc come from, and how only those open to perceive them can perceive them.
I love this because I relate to it so much in the sense that I'm able to astral project and am very spiritual and love seeing this concept in the manga! It at least has a much better grasp of it than Inception which though entertaining has it kinda wrong. Anyhow, what other manga has astral projection or the astral world as its focus or as a theme?
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Posted 6/14/17 , edited 6/14/17
Berserk is in a class of it's own. It is more of an epic than an actual manga.
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Posted 6/23/17 , edited 6/23/17
Don't know about Manga but there is a Table top RPG called Werewolf: the Forsaken that has an amazing spirit world in it.

The idea is that everything has a living spirit that is reflected in the spirit world, while the spirit world itself has a very strong Hunter/Prey dynamic.
For example imagine the Spirits of grass running and screaming while a Spirit of Deer devours them.

In the game Players are a Werewolf pack that works as kind of a border guard, protecting their territory (usually a few blocks of city space) from spirits invaiding the meat side and humans making a mess of the spirit side.

Spiders...Spiders Spirits are nasty SoB. You get a spider spirit in your territory all bets are off good luck to you
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