No Dubs?
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Posted 4/21/17 , edited 4/21/17
First thing to realize is, although many anime storys are traditionally Japanese they are a lot that are NOT japanese, the art yes, the writers yes, however just because anime comes from japan does not mean every anime is based solely in japan.

Take example Attack on Titan, only one Japanese character

Hellsing takes place in UK... Japanese is not the native language so it makes no sense to insist that animes such as these be subtitled when it just makes more sense to have good dubs. Yes some animes like naruto have cruddy dubs but thats not the point. I'd like this to be my one stop anime viewing source but frankly Crunchyroll kinda sucks...

Berserk as well, its a medieval tale, no reason for any Japanese language. Lets be realistic, some animes are better with dubs we should stop lieing to ourselfs

DragonBall Z(Yes I know this is japanese but the japanese just sucks Goku is waaay too high pitched he sounds like a girl or well a prepubescent boy)

Cowboy Bebop

Attack on Titan

Hellsing , Berserk, almost any SCIFI that doesnt take place in japan. etc

I get really frustrated knowing that I pay for crunchyroll pretty much to watch the new Berserk series. Everything here is available elsewhere and for free. Why cant we atleast have the English dubs option?

Rant over.

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Posted 4/21/17 , edited 4/21/17
Just wanted to let you know, I'm closing this because /forumtopic-788825/crs-english-dubbed-anime lists out the existing dubbed anime here.. or there's the premium group for requesting dubbed anime, but a lot of those are claimed by other groups, so they're impossible to get. VRV is a shared membership if you want to try it (I haven't yet myself, so I can't recommend it or not).

CR only gets to stream the stuff the license, so anything you can't find here is probably either claimed by others or the license has restricted where it can be aired.
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