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Posted 4/24/17 , edited 4/24/17

tsuruhami wrote:
1. Well... the link you give is the most popular / viewed ecchi anime in western fandom (MAL). Plus most of them is ecchi-harem.

2. Some series do have ecchi, but it's not tagged as such in MAL. In DanMachi you can see Hestia's breasts and butt shots. Don't forget bath scene. but there's no ecchi tag in MAL. Plus just because ecchi is not the main focus, it doesn't mean that the ecchi is not there like Shokugeki no Souma and High School of The Dead. If you want anime that uses lewdness as the main theme and contain 90% naked women, then hentai is the right place for you pal

Okay, it is true MAL's metric is more western focused but it still gives a general metric as to how many views a show has worldwide. If you'd prefer, we can use Japanese DVD/BD sales data:

If you look through the list, you will notice ecchi tagged shows are all over the spectrum, from big time sellers to barely sold anything and everything in between. In other words, a show being specifically an ecchi harem with a male lead seems to have little bearing on a show's success. In fact, there are a bunch of shows without much, if any, ecchi among the top sellers. So, harem or ecchi by itself seems to have little bearing on things sales wise.

Bringing this back to Keijo, I don't think the show specifically not having a male lead or not being a harem had much of anything to do with its sales when you look at the shows that did well without either of those things. It has to be something else that dissuaded people from buying, which, again, I feel is likely more to do with just how silly the show is to begin with and how it doesn't generally use T&A in a very sexy way but more for comedic value. People who enjoy ecchi shows for the ecchi would not particularly care for Keijo because it's not trying to be sexy nearly as much as it is serious about a made up sport and silly with all those crazy physics defying moves. In other words, it's not a show a fan of ecchi content is watching for its sex appeal. There's little marketability for it in that regard.

Sure, some shows do have ecchi based fanservice in them. The degree to which it uses it determines if it gets the tag or not. In DanMachi's case, it lacks the tag because it is not much more than a few brief scenes used for a quick fanservice trope nod and a laugh. Food Wars and HSotD do both have the ecchi tag on MAL btw. Those shows are tagged as such because they revel in the ecchiness. Food Wars uses it as a common theme with the foodgasm (both male and female) and HSotD uses it for the traditional sexiness juxtaposed with the zombie gore. Though I would say HSotD is an example of marketing more the ecchi than the story.

tsuruhami wrote:
If you want anime that uses lewdness as the main theme and contain 90% naked women, then hentai is the right place for you pal

I'm not sure why you added this line... I'm talking about the market for ecchi shows, not necessarily what I'm looking to watch myself...

Ecchi anime as a genre, not just thrown in fanservice moments here ant there, where the focus is more on the ecchiness than the plot, is a separate thing from a show that uses occasional fanservice for a laugh or some shtick. I'm not saying there's nothing lewd there, I'm saying whether or not the focus of the show is on it or not determines how the show is made and marketed. To use this season as an example again, Seven Mortal Sins is clearly selling the ecchi above any story, which is more an excuse to have the ecchi. Whereas, Love Tyrant and Tsugumomo use it for comedy, and Saekano as occasional ecchi fanservice. These 3 shows, while tagged ecchi, don't revel in it or rely on it as their main selling points. A simple test would be if you remove all ecchi from the show, would you still have a show that's marketable with what's left? In the case of Seven Mortal Sins, you would not because that's what it is mainly selling, while the others would be fine without, though perhaps more boring.

At any rate, my original point was that ecchi or not, harem or not, male lead or not, Keijo was likely not received well in Japan due to other factors besides those you espoused. In my opinion, its odd theme and niche appeal with the focus on the made up sport is what did it in. You can only do so much with that idea before it gets stale for many and the audience is already limited by the ecchi factor being a turn off to many to begin with. Just looking at the sales data of shows tells me what makes for a good seller has little to do with ecchi and more to do with other factors. If this was not the case, then any decent male lead harem ecchi show would be at the top of the charts each time.
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Posted 4/24/17
I enjoyed the show. It was just guilty pleasure garbage anime.
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Posted 4/26/17
Maybe someone can translate to confirm but this looks a lot more accurate about Keijo's ending since they actually provided the blog post
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