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Posted 4/21/17

I'm posting to this forum as a last resort. Recently, I've been unable to access my normal crunchyroll account, which has the username "Roxsan". I tried to reset my password, but quickly realized that since I signed up in 2007, I had long forgotten the email address I signed up with. After nearly 3 weeks of back and forth with crunchyroll support, whereas I had to follow up at one point 1 week after an email I sent to even get a response, I was provided with my sign up email address after proving that I owned the account by providing my payment details (which I suggested as evidence, since support itself weren't being particularly helpful in that regard). Unfortunately, I was unable to log into that email as I had long forgotten my password, and the password reset form I filled out didn't meet Microsoft's automated standards, so I was unable to retrieve my password reset. I emailed crunchyroll support to advise of this and ask if it was at all possible to change my email address from my old one to my current one for "Roxsan", so I could get the login issue sorted, but 1 week later I have yet to receive a response. At this point, I am very frustrated as it has been a month since I've been able to use my account, and a process which should of only taken a week (there's 5x emails total between me and crunchyroll) has taken an entire month. Is there a mod or anyone who can help me finally get access to my normal account? I would very much like to watch anime again.
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