Happy Valentines Day
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Happy Valentines Days Guys.. =)
how was your valentines day?
well.. mines was okay.- _________- ;;;
i got 1 red rose and 1 ring..haha what did u guys get?
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my valentine day..
on the computer all day. LOL XD

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aww poor neul* x)
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chocuqueen wrote:

aww poor neul* x)

LOL XD it's like.. a usual routine I guess.. lmfao
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Lol ahh rose is so romantic x3
I got a letter a year ago but it was just a prank (like i already expected xD ).
Nothing special this year =[
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hahahahah ^_^ well for me this days dont exist hahha...
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hey, a new thread! =P
my v.day went well.
haha, in my case, i was the one giving! well, i guess what i got was a great time? =]
let's see, i gave her flowers, and homemade matcha and cocoa truffles!
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